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Afterhours scene in Bangkok

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Hi, I'm going to Thailand in late Sept/early Oct, and was wondering about the afterhours scene in Bangkok. I hear because of the 2 am last call, there are lots of illegal parties, but what are they like? My ex who travelled to BKK last year went to one; he had to be led there by a local, and when he got there it was just people drinking to cheesy mainstream music...

I love House (deep, Latin, vocal, tribal etc) and hip hop (the non-blingy kind) and plan on reprazentin' on the (afterhours) dancefloor... if I can find one with a decent DJ! How would I go about finding decent jams???

I realize posting about illegal parties on a public forum ain't exactly on the DL, but I don't know anyone in Bangkok so... if anyone 'in the know' could email me at [email protected] with any info, it'd be most appreciated (and win-win... cuz I'd get my party info and Bangkok would get a taste of how cute Asian-Canadian gyals can tear shit up 'pon da dancefloor :-D


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