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North Hollywood things to do?

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Staying in North Hollywood, to train (dance). Wondered if anyone knew of any places. Only like my second or third time in cali so i really don't know much. LA in general would help too if me and my friends and up getting a car (is that even a good idea? I was in San Diego two years ago and the traffic was nuts)

-Shops, boutiques (menswear)- i hear shit about melrose and honestly the only spot i know for sure in la is self edge which im indifferent about since im not far from the ny one. definitely gonna stop by tho. my knowledge is only limited to manhattan and brooklyn.

-Places to eat anything from generic (in n out, jack in the box, roscoes) to famous to local. I hear shit about a cali burrito, from dancer friends in socal, is there a spot anyone recommends?

-Bars, clubs, lounges, any dancers on the forum know of any clubs, jams, or sessions?

-Tourist attractions

-Anything interesting, local, or things that a visitor HAS to do. Any events going on in the end of august? besides rock the bells

Thanks in advance!

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