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  1. @edmond wrote thoses a couple time on the thread that Resolute had a few different denim over the years with little changes to fine tune what Hayashi-san consider perfection. I also talked to superstitchparis whom is the official resolute dealer for Europe and he was testing a new denim in 2019 on a pair of 710. I’ve seen it in person and it was a little bit darker when new because cotton was less white. 

  2. @Double 0 Soul I've look the whole thread but couldn't find it. But by watching all @jyoni repairs, I think he would have done it with back stitch like I've did on a pair. The result is correct but nowhere an original hem. 

    @428CJ Thanks for your description! I think the end result are the same as my first picture if I'm not mistaken ? But you use double thread which make your sewing looks more like a machine would. Anyway it really looks good. If you have the time to take a couple pictures to show how you exactly are doing it would be great :) Hard to get it by text aha



  3. @428CJ Really nicely done. I'm super interested in how you proceed for the hand chain stitch ? I've searched quite a bit but never found the way to properly do a chainstitch by hand. I've found the embroidery chainstitch but it doesn't match the originally chain stitch. I've trier both method shown on the bottom but I'm not a fan of the result. I've never tried with a double thread tho. is it what you are doing ?




    Shown on the bottom how a machine is doing the double locking chainstitch by a machine. Never tried it by hand tho.




    I'm sewing my hem with back stitch and passing by the middle of the thread. 

  4. @lophophora Thanks for your input, very useful. As you have +1 in Ooe compared to Roy and a close « build » to mine... how do they fit and feel compared to each other ? Does the Roy have more space with the bigger measurements ?


    EDIT: Got the Roy in 31. Many thanks to all for your quick and helpful answers, appreciate it

  5. @Broark Yup, it helps a lot. Exactly what I was waiting for, thanks a lot! I'll take 31 ! Does the denim shrink more than the 3" in length announced by SelfEdge ? I figured I could get them hemmed raw by SE and shrink them to the good length afterwards instead of sending them elsewhere after a couple of soaks

  6. I was looking to purchase the new Roy at SelfEdge but can't figure out my size with their way to measure it (on the was it band). Comparing my pairs I should either take 31 or 32. Any advice to give me ? ( 32 Fullcount 1108, 32 Ooe Yofukuten, 31 Warehouse 800, 32 Resolute 710 etc...) Sorry if it's a dumb question but I don't want to do any mistakes and would appreciate any input from people who wear Roy too. @Broark ?

  7. 1 hour ago, vIGGiou riou said:

    Collin, jacket is amazing ... I have that from Avirex, which I bought in middle of nineties on flee market in NYC as used. and it's my favourite ....

    Thanks! Yours looks great too. And that background is just amazing, where is it ?


    Welcome on the board @thedapperdane and nice outfit for your "first"! A classic well executed

  8. @mpukas Thanks mate! It’s a Visvim jacket from their FW12 collection. It’s made in Italy from a gorgeous cowhide. It features 2 hidden side pockets with a custom riri zip, indigo dyed patch and vintage conchos on sleeves. I like it a lot but find that the sleeves are a tad too long. Will send it to alter when I can find someone to trust. I wish I had one their natural processed one (painted with ashes, mud dyed, indigo painted/dyed) but the retail is crazy stupid. Got this one second hand in new condition for a quarter of the price. Visvim makes great garments but the retail price outside Japan (and in Japan) is crazy expensive not to say stupid for a bunch of garments. All my collection is second hand except a pair of shoes.


    Here is a cochineal dyed one :


    And the indigo painted one:


  9. New spot, girlfriend's camera. I'm having fun editing. Pictures taken just before a storm hit me and it started raining and had to walk a couple miles back home right after that.. Oh well !











    Visvim/Borali/Lady White co./ BonneGueule/OSB

  10. 10 hours ago, Maynard Friedman said:

    @Collin, I’m pretty sure the information I gave above was incorrect and although they are part of the DD series, they do in fact use the 13.5oz banner denim.

    Thanks for getting back to me!

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