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  1. @Sakamoyorke Pas besoin de laver ton jeans avant, sauf si il est sale. Ce n'est pas un brut avec de l'indigo. Suffit de remplir une bassine d'eau froide ou tiède peut importe, de mettre la ceinture du jeans dedans quelques minutes pour bien la tremper d'eau et ensuite de faire tous les boutons et de l'élargir avec tes deux main de l'intérieure vers l'extérieur. Va y doucement puis avec plus de force et en bougeant tes mains à différents endroit pour que l'élargissement soit équilibré. 

  2. @Kit Carruthers If you are searching for some white  Ecru jeans. I can't recommend enough Boncoura and Warehouse 800XX. I own both and they are spectacular in everyday. My favorite would be the boncoura for the hardware and fabric and warehouse for the fit. Haven't seen the resolute in person but I'm sure I would fall in love and instant buy... I must resist.

  3. 52 minutes ago, Sakamoyorke said:

    Thank you @beautiful_FrEaK :) I feel a bit tight at the waist, the buttocks, and the thighs...

    stretching them out by hand is really an option " : do you mean to soak the waist in cold water, to button up the pants and to stretch the waist with both hands, just like @Collin suggested me? Do I need to wash my jeans before doing that? Can I do that for the buttocks and the thighs as well? 

    Or should I just size up to get the same result as Superstitch's photo? 

    I think you already have the same result. Your pair has a longer inseam and inseam length change drastically the overall fit imo. Yeah, cold soak the waist (it needs to be fully wet) then stretches gently with the buttons attached. You will win easily 1-2cms in a few minutes. You also could stretches the buttocks area too with your hand but I would advise against that because it could mess up with the fit. You could also wear the pant with the top part wet while doing squats to stretch to conform your body. But it's next level and so APC/Nudie 2010 era ahaha

  4. 1 hour ago, Sakamoyorke said:

    Hi there, new on this forum ! I feel blessed to now be part of the Resolute Community :)
    I just have purchased the AA711 from Random Walk's eshop and received it yesterday. I have a few questions concerning the AA711:

    1) Does anyone know if the white denim will stretch as much as the blue denim ? I mean, the white denim seems to stretch, but I still feel a bit tighter on the white denim for now, compared to the 711 blue denim I have (both are W30). Will I reach the same result as on the blue denim? 

    2) Generally speaking, I like to wear my jeans a bit large, and I would like to stretch them as much as possible... Any tips for this? 

    Happy share photos of my AA711 if needed!

    I don't know about their stretch ability but like I've said, in my experience it's better to buy a pair of white pant the perfect fit or slightly too big because it needs to be washed every wear or so. I couldn't see myself wearing a pair of white pant for a week straight unless I'm staying at home on my couch. Theses things get dirty quickly. If you already feel constricted on your pair, definitely exchange it for the bigger size.

    Tip to stretch the waist : Soak the waist in cold water. Button up your pants and stretch the waist with both hands. I do that on every jeans after a machine wash to get instantly the stretch back to where it is after apprx 10-20 wears.

  5. 1 hour ago, Double 0 Soul said:

    It is interesting but makes little difference to me, i usually wash every 6mths or so and a pair of my jeans rarely lives much past the 2yr mark so they would only see 4, maybe 5 washes in their lifetime..

    That's a good point! For someone who's washing every week it should make a difference I guess

  6. You can really see the difference between each detergent. I've been using Warehouse's and BerBerJin one for a few jeans and I definitely notice a difference too. On the other hand I've tried Superstich denim detergent which is engineered to be rough on denim (like 60-70's detergent) and the jeans loose a sh** ton of indigo really quickly.  Woolite black is cheap and works great tho !

  7. 19 hours ago, Ciabatta said:

    Those of you who bought the one-washed 50’s. Did you get anymore shrinkage from the inseam?

    Definitely! I've had -2cm with a hot machine wash and a small trip to the dryer (20mn hot setting)

  8. 16 hours ago, edmond said:

    just washed and soaked a size 40 type 2 denim jacket from mccoys and wow they fit really nice and  like the real levis type 2...

    I recently got the 001XXJ Type 2 that I have been searching for a long time. The fabric is incredible. Hardware is probably my favorite in between all the types 2 I've had. And the fit is perfect. I'll try to post up some pictures of it soon. 

    Honestly a really nice type 2, agreed!

  9. My best advice for white pant is : Don't think about waist stretch as you will wash this pant really often (once very 1-3 wear). They in my opinion don't get the time to really stretch unless you stretch the waist with your hand after a wash while still being wet.

  10. Yeah, 711 is a good cut but the low rise is certainly the deal breaker that push me not to wear it. Upsized 710 on the other hand is comfy, still on the slimmer side than "straight cuts" and larger waist is not a problem with a belt

  11. I have numerous Resolute 710 (size 30-31-32-33) and OOE 32 from their XX2 model (before the threading mills burndown during last Typhoon season).

    Comparing the OOE02 in 32 and resolute 710 32: Resolute have more space in the waist, lower rise. I have to wear a belt to hold them properly but could do without (no need for a belt on OOE). The top block is also "straighter" in the resolute meaning that it's less curved like OOE. Resolute going down is overall slimmer. 


    @beautiful_FrEaK I prefer the upsized version with more room. But it's a neat style on you and I think someone can have 2 Resolute, one upsize for larger fits and a more slim for "chic casual" look or for the office for example


  12. @propellerbeanie I've watched the live and re-asked the question. It will be out in 2021. But the rest is secret. Hayashi-san didn't want to talk more about it. It's probable that the warp and weft used will be darker because of unbleached cotton. I've seen a prototype at Superstitch Paris :)

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