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  1. 3 minutes ago, mlwdp said:

    You’re right!  I did post about these back in 2012.  I wanted them back then.  The comments afterwards! :D



    ahaha excellent ! I'm not even surprised by the reactions. I wouldn't buy them for more than stock White's or Wesco. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Geeman said:

    @Collin +1for the ragga muffin cuffs but my OCD for symmetry  would be going haywire. Also appreciate the visvim representation 

    Thanks man, appreciate it. Yeah, re-looking at the pics made my eyes twitch!


    @mlwdp Yeah definitely a copy cat. My pair is from the FW2012 season. I am not a fan of the TPU heel stabilizer but the fit is perfect for my feets and the leather (bison I believe) is out of this world. And I paid theses the price of a RedWing on sale :D

  3. TCB 40 made it to Switzerland ! Size 31 OW. Measurements are smaller than size chart. Legs are top notch and only the waist feel restrictive. Hoping for a good amount of stretch + weight lose heheheh. 

    no pictures or fit pic for now, but will upload ASAP! 

    if anyone got a 32 pair that doesn’t fit and would like to be send it back, I’m interested tho. Just let me now by pm and we’ll work something out. 

  4. 5 hours ago, vexed_wear said:

    Hi everyone.   I think I will take the plunge to get 710 and or 711.   Regarding sizing if I’m planning to put them through hot wash and high heat tumble dry should I buy 1 or 2 size larger?    Does the leg shrink munch on them?

    I am a 32 on Boncoura, 34 on LVC37 and 3 on Orslow 105.        

    thank you 

    I am a 31 in the Boncoura 66 (can do 30 but wouldn't machine dry them) and I take 32 in the 710 and 711. (could do 31 if not machine dryed).

    I think you would be good with 33 or 34 for extra space on the 710 and 711

  5. On 7/25/2020 at 2:25 AM, SuperJackle said:

    So guys, I have a sort of... am I the asshole(?) kind of posts. 

    Sold a shirt online, provided measurements in listing. Buyer requests refund, stating that, and I quote: “Didn’t fit how a medium should fit“. For whatever reason, ebay said I was under no obligation to refund his money, and I could close the refund. If you all are more or less familiar with how ebay usually works, even if you don’t accept returns, they will bully your ass around until you refund the buyer, plain and simple. Decided that I will close the return, citing that proper measurements were provided in listing. Buyer gets mad at this point and escalated to a paypal claim.  So I provided pictures and documentation of the listing and showed that I had provided measurements, and my defense was that the responsibility of checking measurements falls on the buyer.

    Fast forward a week, in a surprising move, paypal ruled in my favor and closed the case. I’ve seen in many threads where ebay/paypal almost always sides with the buyer because of eBay’s “money back guarantee”, even if the seller doesn’t accept returns. Anyway, you guys think that was an asshole move to not accept the return? I provided measurements, but he said it “didn’t fit like a medium should, and that I should have indicated so” 

    Definitely not an asshole move. If you provided accurate measurements and how you take them and the buyer can't properly use them it's on his fault.

  6. 29 minutes ago, darkstar73 said:

    Hey all! 

    I'm looking at picking up some TCB 60s jeans. I have 50s right now in size 32, they're definitely too big because I have lost weight since I got them. How do you think I should size the 60s? I lost 10-12 pounds for reference.

    Also, do you think the lower rise will bother me?

    If I remember right I would have taken 1 size up on the 60 compared to 50. Volvo wears both pair in the same size. Better too big than too small as belts are life saving tools. Only you can know if the lower rise will bother you.

  7. My favorite loop wheeled fabric is the one Tezomeya uses! Their cuts are weird in the "blank" tee but when they are dyed it's all good.

    For fit my favorite is Lady white pack of 2 crew neck and for daily beaters I wear Bronson Mfg. 

    I would also recommend Merz even if sizing over the internet is a little bit harder. They definitely makes some good tees. Nothing beats a good try-on and advices from a good B&M shop.

  8. 5 minutes ago, julian-wolf said:

    Tezomeya makes a slew of womens-specific styles

    Definitely check Tezomeya, my girlfriend snagged a couple when we were visiting them in 2017 in Japan and it definitely has become her favorite. Price can be a little disruptive for women used to "fast fashion prices" but it definitely worth every penny imo

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