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  1. 39 minutes ago, chicote said:

    Ok, I’m in for size 29 raw! pulled out my emergency fund and just made it with $25 left for this weeks groceries! In the true spirit of TCB there’s a good chance I’ll be eating cat food to celebrate!

    Glad you could join @chicote ...I've send you a message on instagram, be sure to get back to me :)

  2. Won't go into details why I love Visvim and why I own plenty.

    But talking about the boots: they are made in China in a factory only producing for them (as they have a high number of orders coming thru), they are hand Goodyear welted, leather selection is amazing and most of the time is veg tanned from Europe. Most of their boots have a workwear aesthetic with modern details (like plastic "absorber" pieces) and definitely a designer vibe. In the same time they are much lighter than White's, Viberg etc. They definitely feels like sneakers compared to most of the brands. Not that a well broken-in boots isn't comfortable, Visvim footwear is often as comfortable out of the box.

    Retail prices outside of Japan are out of this world, but in Japan, a pair of Virgil boots (one of their most famous boots) is the same price as a pair of N-1 from John Lofgren and a Viberg service boots.

    Their more expensive footwear often features special treatments like mud dying, indigo, cochineal and special distressed treatments. 

    (I don't own John Lofgren yet so can't compare the two of them construction wise, but I guess John Lofgren transparency and commitment to the craft is already an argument to support him over Visvim. The latter is rather silent about its manufacturing and working conditions etc. Hiroki Nakamura, Visvim designer, always said he doesn't mind at all where the product is made when it's the best he can find.)

    You also need to consider design, R&D on techniques that are not often used and retail experience in the prices as well. Anyway, Visvim is getting more and more expensive and is definitely a luxury brand (with all that comes with it). You definitely get more bangs for your bucks getting some Red Wings.

    You can often see Instagram fanboy wearing only Visvim and honestly, while they have AMAZING pieces that cost 1k each, their fits aren't good in my opinion. It's more like a cosplay. 

    If you want to see some Visvim pieces worn with other brands, I've posted a lot of WAYWT on here. 

  3. 1 hour ago, greathoudini said:

    What do you think of the jeans quality wise?

    I won a eBay auction on a pair for $15 once and never wore them because I was wearing other jeans at that time.

    Now I gained weight and they don't fit me anymore. 



    Nothing fancy for their price point (now over 30'000jpy). Visvim is a luxury brand and not every item can justify its price point.This denim is sanforized with nice vertical slub, a lot of Levis 50 era details while being a "modern" jeans with a slimmer silhouette. I'll do a full review in a while. I'm a Visvim fanboy so for the sake of it I had to try at least once one of their denim. But in my opinion it doesn't worth it.

  4. 2 minutes ago, unders said:

    Yup, those are sweet @Collin. Looks like there’s some real good puckering to come on the back yoke and the patch is something else  

    Daft question, what’s in your back pocket to give you that straight horizontal fade? Doesn’t immediately look like a wallet or phone. 

    Thanks mate, appreciate it.

    Puckering on the back yoke is due to my hand stitching. I tend to break back yoke stitching quite quickly when it's 100% cotton thread and this jeans was no exception. I re-sewed the entire back yoke using waxed linen thread with some tension. Definitely get some puckering doing that hehe.

    The weird back pocket fade is because the back pocket have an hidden zippered pocket in it. You definitely can see where the zipper is. I', not really fond of it in the aging progress but I didn't wanted to remove it to see how it would evolve. 

  5. 5 hours ago, redgreen said:

    Hi guys,

    Looking at 1904 shorts, and was looking for advice on sizing.  Should I go true to size in hopes that they will stretch over time or go up one size?  I got momotaro shorts and the thighs are quite fitted, was hoping for something more relaxed but worried about the waist being too big.  I usually get my denim in size 34" waist.


    Get the larger size. Short are suppose to be really comfortable and have space for your butt to breath during summer. Wear a nice belt. If it ends up being too big, just wash and use the dryer, it will certainly get smaller.

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