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  1. X-post form OOE thread.

    Fades update on my One Yofukuten OA02-1017. Duration: 1 year and a half. Actual wear, around 9 months or more. 2 hand washes 8 machine washes (first with warehouse's detergent and lately with Superstitch laundry detergent which is quite aggressive and lighten them up). As with all my denim, the yoke's stitching got destroyed rather quickly. Repaired the whole with hand backstitch with waxed yellow linen thread that are also fading with washes. How awesome!


    I'm still in love.


    The contrasts are less important in person. Photos taken under the noon sun!







  2. 13 minutes ago, Geeman said:

    Really like that Visvim shirt 

    Yeah me too, definitely my favorite with the same model in beige/blue. The blue squares actually dyed in natural indigo and it's definitely fading with washes and wears. I love it!

  3. I didn't really get what warehouse has or is going to release ? Some special 25th version with a "patent pending" denim aging method (as One is offering with their time machine denim ie a subtle green cast)?

  4. 1 hour ago, Topnotcher said:

    I know for some of you guys is it blasphemic,but i bought me a pair of Kaihara denim  501xx  1955.made in ,,europe,, :-)

    when the postman gave me the parcel i thought -wow ,nice weight and unpacked i was really surprised about the denim. My first pair was the 37` 201  in 1997 and over the years i bought a lot ,mostly 55er 501 and 201 and this denim reminds me a lot on the early days of LVC !!! Stiff ,slightly hairy and right thickness, i would say real 14 oz .

    Jumped in and was a little shocked how perfect fits the waist. Nobody told me how this denim shrinks,so i decided... no risk,no fun. I gave the jean a hot soaking for one hour and this beast shrunk in length only ! Yippieh ! Bought a w 32 l 34 . pre wash waist was 32 " , Front rise 32" ,Lo 8,25 "  ,inseam 34 " ,After wash the front rise is 30 " , inseam shrunk a little under 32 " .The other measurements are the same. Craftmanship and fit and especially the denim are topnotch !. 

    I will show some pics tomorrow !

    Sounds very interesting! How are the stitching ? Still poly ?

  5. 1 hour ago, Duke Mantee said:

    Is the red edge denim then ‘assembled’ in Japan or are the jeans made in China?

    You might be referring to my previous message about the boots. Visvim footwear is mostly made in China but their clothing line mostly (90%) done in Japan using Japanese fabric. Special items are sometimes made in other country where the craftsmanship resides such as France for knitted sweater and beanie, Italy for some leather jackets....

    I believe that the red edge denim is woven and assembled in Okayama. Visvim uses custom Japan Blue denim and I guess might be using their sewing department too.

  6. On 6/29/2020 at 4:06 PM, Dr_Heech said:

    No pics but, didn't Lvc do a collaboration with Visvim on an early 1900's open front jumper or something akin to a 213 jacket but looked more like a chore coat?



    I don't think Visvim ever collaborated with LVC but I might be wrong. But they definitely made some pieces like you mentioned. Funny story, the TCB 40s is woven in the same factory and by the same loom producing Visvim red edge denim. It's a denim mill in Okayama and if I'm not mistaking, owned by the Japan Blue group. 

  7. Dang that's huge! It will certainly be interesting to compare "glued/starched" jeans to regularly machine washed to only hand wash. I look forward to it. I might buy the damn glue they're using and try a little bit on the hem and trAintracks myself. We'll see. Anyways, TCB factory chainstitch already produce the nicest roping I've seen, might get theses results naturally !

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