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  1. Sakamoyorke

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Hi guys, don't know if I'm allowed to share this on the forum, but just to let you know that I'm selling my Resolute 710, W31 L32, very good condition. PM me if interested!
  2. Sakamoyorke

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    @Collin j'ai fait exactement ce que tu m'as dit hier : tremper le jean dans l'eau froide et l'étirer au maximum... je l'ai fait sur toutes les parties du jeans que je trouvais trop serrées (taille, fesses, cuisses, genoux) pendant bien 45 min / 1H, et je l'ai laissé sécher toute la nuit. Le résultat est assez saisissant... il s'est sensiblement élargi de partout c'est assez dingue ! Merci pour ce précieux tip ! Il a du prendre une demi taille partout
  3. Sakamoyorke

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    @CollinI'm gonna do that right now (cold soak the jeans). No need to wash my jean before, correct? @Kit Carruthers : actually the jeans are not fully white, but ecru, as Collin said. I was looking for something ecru as well, and the Resolute AA711 are perfect for this. If you want more pictures to see the colour more accurately, feel free to ask!
  4. Sakamoyorke

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Thank you @beautiful_FrEaK I feel a bit tight at the waist, the buttocks, and the thighs... " stretching them out by hand is really an option " : do you mean to soak the waist in cold water, to button up the pants and to stretch the waist with both hands, just like @Collin suggested me? Do I need to wash my jeans before doing that? Can I do that for the buttocks and the thighs as well? Or should I just size up to get the same result as Superstitch's photo?
  5. Sakamoyorke

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Thank you very much @Collin for you reply. Actually, I saw this pic from Superstitch on his instagram (photo 1) and wanted to get the same result. Don't know if I am going to reach it though.... Photo 2 to 7 are mine, I wear the jeans since yesterday... feel to give me your opinion!
  6. Sakamoyorke

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Hi there, new on this forum ! I feel blessed to now be part of the Resolute Community I just have purchased the AA711 from Random Walk's eshop and received it yesterday. I have a few questions concerning the AA711: 1) Does anyone know if the white denim will stretch as much as the blue denim ? I mean, the white denim seems to stretch, but I still feel a bit tighter on the white denim for now, compared to the 711 blue denim I have (both are W30). Will I reach the same result as on the blue denim? 2) Generally speaking, I like to wear my jeans a bit large, and I would like to stretch them as much as possible... Any tips for this? Happy share photos of my AA711 if needed!
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