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    Generally speaking I avoid RMC products, and I'd probably rather just not have a type 3 than buy one from RMC. Also just because Celluloid doesn't have size 46 listed for preorder doesn't mean Warehouse won't be making it in size 46. I'll keep my eye on the Warehouse webshop, every now and then they'll go up to 46/48 on their denim jackets. I can't discern what their logic is when deciding to make / not make those sizes. Truth be told I don't need any more denim jackets anyways.
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    Man, wish they were making the type 3 in size 46. Not many brands doing type 3 repros these days.
  3. Thanks b_F, nothing overly fancy used for the pocket bags. Just a nice medium weight white cotton. Although they do appear to be dyed with something, as they have taken on a slight khaki / off-white color over time. Not sure if that's intentional or residual transfer from the denim itself or the thread dye since those have been dyed separately, I'll snap some photos of them soon.
  4. I don’t think they do, but could easily use a proxy service.
  5. Serious question: is there anyone actually buying this stuff at that price? That’s mind numbingly expensive.
  6. The belt loops stood out to me too. Everything else seems pretty darn close. And it does seem like these will be under a different label, the patch art has been on display in the background of the Clutch videos (albeit a bit obstructed by some jeans hung up on display).
  7. Some nice comparison photos here of the upcoming 43 and 46 jeans / jackets from Sugar Cane with their vintage counterparts: https://dig-it.media/clutch/article/799433/ Looking forward to seeing the full details on these once they're released. Vintage 43: SC 43: Vintage 46: SC 46:
  8. @mstax I haven't noticed very much shrinkage with subsequent washes and trips through the drier, but they do tighten up a little and then stretch out again with wear. I find that they work best with a belt, or else the waist / seat starts to sag a bit.
  9. Both brands are manufactured by Moonstar, I've owned both and found the quality to be comparable. The Doek feel a bit more substantial due to the cork insole, but I found the Oxfords to be too narrow for my feet so I ended up getting rid of them.
  10. I've been giving my FW 601XX-C's a break, so I've been wearing the LB 40s jeans recently. Really enjoying them, the shade of indigo on this denim is interesting and I enjoy the muted color of the stitching used throughout. I'll probably wear for another month or so and give them a wash and see where they're at.
  11. CSF and Rite Stuff shirt in sage sold. Other items listed on Grailed with measurements. Keep in mind pricing there is inflated given the transactional fees, bumping, etc. DM me if anything catches your eye. https://www.grailed.com/broark
  12. I like the sweet spot of somewhere in between. Part of the reason why I sold the Warehouse DSB that I had was because I felt like they were fading too quickly. When denim is too stubborn stitching typically fails before they get interesting and repairs can get pricey these days. FW hits a good middle ground for me and it doesn't hurt that their stitching seems to hold up better than most. They can take some time to get going though. Warehouse is typically not too fast, with the exception of the original run of DSB denim.
  13. BiG style these measure 36.25 in. (so, just over 18in. flat aligned). Let me know if you're interested in full measurements.
  14. Sorry Ooms, no Champloo in the collection unfortunately. Parting with some At Last jeans though.
  15. Just a word of warning if anyone else was in the market for some deck sneakers. I ended up picking these up from Leffot on sale (~$70 USD shipped) and I have to say these are some of the cheapest feeling sneakers I've tried. They seriously feel like something you'd pick up from Walmart as a knockoff / lookalike of Vans. Glad I didn't spring for them full price, but even at the price I did pay I feel a bit conned.
  16. Not sure I read that post as “this fabric is defective and we’re disappointed in it, let’s market it as war era since it fits”, rather, there’s enough of a variation in the run that they felt the need to call it out. To my untrained eye I can’t really make out a difference between the two. Definitely some marketing involved here (hell, what isn’t marketed in this hobby anymore?), but I don’t think they would knowingly peddle a lesser quality product.
  17. As @oomslokop mentions above I think this post goes into the same detail regarding the denim used on this pair. I read this as they had another batch of XX4 denim made, and upon receipt / inspection they realized the indigo dye with this particular batch looked more similar to war era denim.
  18. I've admittedly jumped off the OA bandwagon a bit in recent years (not big on the hype, I've got plenty in the closet but still think the product is great). That being said, I did place a pre-order for the upcoming SOA03XXD-0823 jeans since I don't own any of the 03 cut. Figured this would scratch the war-era itch I've been having. Don't think that Instagram posts embed here anymore, but here's a link with some nice photos of the jeans. Should have them later this year.
  19. @lyraman I’ll get some measurements for you, I’d imagine they’re a little over 36. They feel a little looser but not too loose. I’d rather them be too big than too tight, plenty of room to move around.
  20. @mstax Your description is pretty close, the fabric fairly lightweight but it's densely woven. Feels like a deck jacket but toned down a bit (and obviously, not lined). Also the one-wash job from FW left this particular fabric pretty starchy, I might give them another wash to soften them up. The eggplant sateen feel like pajama pants by comparison, super soft and pliable.
  21. @LazyS Based on the raw fit I was a little worried that I would have to cuff them a ton, but they shrank up perfectly. Agreed on the double cuff, I think they'd look weird if they were any shorter.
  22. Bit of an interest check, I can send more photos / measurements via DM if anyone is interested. Real McCoys M65, size XL. Mister Freedom Blouson de Quart, size 44. At Last Co. size 36. At Last Co. w36. Boncoura XX, w36. CSF, w38. The Rite Stuff Atlas shirts in green and black size XXL, and a Masterson shirt (don't recall the batch name).
  23. @Hopethisoneisnttaken sure thing, I need to get them hemmed (Hoosier was too quick with the shipping for me to ask him ) but I'll get some fit pics soon.
  24. Good result I think, hot wash and hot dry. Actually glad I didn't get these hemmed. I'll get some better fit pics whenever it's not a billion degrees outside.
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