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  1. Not sure I read that post as “this fabric is defective and we’re disappointed in it, let’s market it as war era since it fits”, rather, there’s enough of a variation in the run that they felt the need to call it out. To my untrained eye I can’t really make out a difference between the two. Definitely some marketing involved here (hell, what isn’t marketed in this hobby anymore?), but I don’t think they would knowingly peddle a lesser quality product.
  2. As @oomslokop mentions above I think this post goes into the same detail regarding the denim used on this pair. I read this as they had another batch of XX4 denim made, and upon receipt / inspection they realized the indigo dye with this particular batch looked more similar to war era denim.
  3. I've admittedly jumped off the OA bandwagon a bit in recent years (not big on the hype, I've got plenty in the closet but still think the product is great). That being said, I did place a pre-order for the upcoming SOA03XXD-0823 jeans since I don't own any of the 03 cut. Figured this would scratch the war-era itch I've been having. Don't think that Instagram posts embed here anymore, but here's a link with some nice photos of the jeans. Should have them later this year.
  4. @lyraman I’ll get some measurements for you, I’d imagine they’re a little over 36. They feel a little looser but not too loose. I’d rather them be too big than too tight, plenty of room to move around.
  5. @mstax Your description is pretty close, the fabric fairly lightweight but it's densely woven. Feels like a deck jacket but toned down a bit (and obviously, not lined). Also the one-wash job from FW left this particular fabric pretty starchy, I might give them another wash to soften them up. The eggplant sateen feel like pajama pants by comparison, super soft and pliable.
  6. @LazyS Based on the raw fit I was a little worried that I would have to cuff them a ton, but they shrank up perfectly. Agreed on the double cuff, I think they'd look weird if they were any shorter.
  7. Bit of an interest check, I can send more photos / measurements via DM if anyone is interested. Real McCoys M65, size XL. Mister Freedom Blouson de Quart, size 44. At Last Co. size 36. At Last Co. w36. Boncoura XX, w36. CSF, w38. The Rite Stuff Atlas shirts in green and black size XXL, and a Masterson shirt (don't recall the batch name).
  8. @Hopethisoneisnttaken sure thing, I need to get them hemmed (Hoosier was too quick with the shipping for me to ask him ) but I'll get some fit pics soon.
  9. Good result I think, hot wash and hot dry. Actually glad I didn't get these hemmed. I'll get some better fit pics whenever it's not a billion degrees outside.
  10. They're in the wash as we speak, they were massive unwashed.
  11. Another care package has arrived. Utility trousers in khaki deck cloth and eggplant sateen. Multi-stripe tee and Bluff Creek. And the pièce de résistance: Lot 560 1922 overalls, non-wash.
  12. Have any bigger guys picked up the 714 yet? Tempted to give them a go, had some 711s a few years ago but sold them as I found the back rise a little low. Don’t really need any jeans but I’m interested in measurements if anyone has picked up a pair in size 38.
  13. Echoing Mr. Mantee's above sentiments, I have only gotten negligible shrinkage out of FW one wash denim. Also should have some more fun stuff arriving soon.
  14. That's true to the 504XX closed front jumper, but I believe he was asking about the 506XX 1922 jacket with the drop pocket. Your 1937s are looking good!
  15. I'm a big fan of the 30s denim, I haven't been tempted to wear anything else since I've been wearing these!
  16. @mstax I don't have any official confirmation on it but I believe that the threads are 100% cotton. I actually don't know of any Vanishing West items that don't use cotton thread off the top of my head.
  17. 601XX-C 1937 pre-wash, ~7 months of wear and 2 washes. Currently drying after the wash, so I'll get some photos up tomorrow once they're dry.
  18. @UkeNo The fabric is very lightweight and crispy, very breathable and suitable for the summer months. It's also pretty flat, no irregularity to it. I don't think this one will fade/age like a sateen or a denim, the weave is much tighter than both of those. I'd say it's closer to a poplin or chino. I suspect over time the sheen will wear and subside a bit, I'll wash it soon and report back.
  19. Pre-wash measurements for the 504xx size 46. Chest: 27.5 in. Shoulder: 24 in. Sleeve: 25 in. Length: 32 in. And post warm wash plus some time in the dryer. Chest: 25.75 in. Shoulder: 23 in. Sleeve: 24 in. Length: 30 in. I think this shrank up perfectly, when trying it on unwashed I was sure that it wouldn't shrink enough. Denim is lightweight and pliable after the wash and dry, I can see myself wearing this a lot once fall rolls around. Still trying to determine the best place to take fit pics in the new house, excuse the crappy angle (and shoe boxes that I need to put away). L2: This might be my ideal jacket for spring / fall, very lightweight and ample room for layering if I want to throw a sweatshirt on underneath.
  20. @AlientoyWorkmachine No, I believe it is the same denim as the 601XX-C 1937 jeans and 506xx 1933 jacket released last fall.
  21. I'll get some photos of the closed front jumper worn posted soon. @tjsma I think it's a little misleading since they posted fit photos of the unwashed version (the O/W model should be available soon). I haven't washed it yet, since honestly I won't be able to wear most of this stuff for a few months given that it's summer. When trying it on unwashed, the shoulders and sleeves seem good and should shrink up nicely, but the body length is quite long so I'm hoping for a good bit of shrink there. I'll also remember to take some pre and post wash measurements. Something I normally forget to do.
  22. New batch of stuff arrived, I can provide more detailed photos of anything if anyone is interested. Just don't want to clog up the thread too much. Cotton / linen CPO. Special edition L2. This might be my favorite of the bunch and I've never really been a flight jacket guy... 506xx 1922. 504xx 1915 closed front jumper. Powerwear sweatpants. Jadeite mug.
  23. Joining in on the Birk love, this is a pair of Bostons that I've had since maybe 2016. Worn mostly to take the dog out or for quick errands. Don't really do much with them in regards to care, just lathered them up with some Obenauf's as they were looking a bit tattered. And a pair of Rancourt Ranger Mocs that I got back in 2020 when they were running a crowdfunding promo. Similarly to the Birks I don't ever do much with these, these are also freshly coated with Obenauf's. Probably would look nicer if I put shoe trees in 'em, but I can't be bothered...
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