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  1. He shared a size chart with me on IG, not sure if I can share that or not but I'm sure he'd provide it to you via DM as well.
  2. Recently discovered Word of Mouth Jeans, a one-man-band made one by one in Italy by the very friendly and knowledgeable Simone. While I haven't ordered a pair yet I'm on the verge, just need to sell a pair or two so I can justify it. He currently offers two cuts, a pair of 50's and 60's inspired jeans. He is also working on a late 40's pair and some other stuff. You can contact him via Instagram DM for more info. Maybe our friend @volvo240thebest can get a pair! https://www.instagram.com/wordofmouthjeans/
  3. Gotta agree with your take on this one, I've never been able to get with Lee / Wrangler repros. I associate Wrangler with frat bros from the university here. 🫠
  4. At least for my climate, summer is the worst time of year for me to contribute regularly. It's blazing hot, all I wear is tees and rotate through a few broken in pairs or shorts on the weekend so not much to post from a waywt perspective. Hell, I don't even go outside on some days if I didn't have to, we had a stretch of 45 days in a row over 100 degrees... It's definitely been quiet, I think the more active people post on the social media platforms (reddit, IG, etc.) which I think are inferior mediums for meaningful discourse. And honestly a lot of stuff that seems to be popular elsewhere just isn't here which is going to lead to it being a little more quiet. I'll do my best to be more active now that it's a comfortable temperature to do things outside. Got a couple of trips planned (heading to Denver next weekend) so that should be fun. I'll try and swing by the new BiG location and post some photos.
  5. Venturing back to my Russell musings, seems that they have two Fishing Oxford makeups pre-orders running through Stitchdown. Not generally a fan of the publication, but the tan Laramie suede version is calling my name. Still not sure why these are $650, but easier to validate mentally when broken down in 2 50% payments I guess. Debating between 11.5E and 12D currently.
  6. This is true, but I wasn't privy to the the happenings. I think it all happened right before I became a mod. Still am a mod over there but it's dead outside of a random post or two every month.
  7. #broarkslondondenimhangz2024invitationalsponsoredbySelfEdgeTM🔥👊💯
  8. What's the most obnoxious hashtag we can come up with? #broarkslondondenimhangz2024invitational🔥👊💯
  9. I might be able to convince @MJF9 to meet up, maybe even @Maynard Friedman (no photos of course). All are welcome, I think we'll be there around the 26th - 30th roughly before heading over to Paris for a bit, then back again to catch the flight back by the 5th.
  10. Well then I nominate @beautiful_FrEaK and @Maynard Friedman 😂 Regularly active, established members of the community and always helpful.
  11. Just booked a trip to London around Christmas / New Years, will be spending a few days there and in Paris, maybe Bruges or another place that's easily accessible by rail. Let me know if anyone wants to grab a pint or if you have any suggestions for a third spot to visit.
  12. I think it might end up being my most worn jacket this year, very versatile!
  13. @MJF9 It's fairly soft already, seems that it's been through a wash but it definitely still has some rigidity (you can still see fold creases from shipping). I think once the fabric relaxes a bit it'll feel less billowy.
  14. Some fit pics of the Yellowstone and Urbanite. From the side photo you can tell that the Yellowstone is pretty big in the body, that photo was taken with it unbuttoned. The body length on the Urbanite is pretty short, had to tuck my tee in.
  15. If I recall correctly that guy was mad about a lot of things, soap being one of them!
  16. @rockon99 I don't think we have a dedicated overalls thread, usually they're just posted in the brand specific thread. Good opportunity to start one, let's see 'em!
  17. I'd say warmer than a denim jacket but not as warm as an M-65. I'd put it in the medium weight range. It doesn't really have any insulation, but the fabric is supposedly pretty water and wind resistant.
  18. The vest versions (aka sleeveless coats, funny name) are nice, I'm just not a vest guy myself. Also that small pocket (that looks like a pen pocket) is meant to hold a duck call, you know I'll get lots of use out of it for all that hunting that I do. 😅 The other small pocket below that is actually pretty good for holding an AirPod case.
  19. @MJF9 I'll work on some fit pics, I've been slacking on those lately. I'm a big fan of it, little bits of selvedge everywhere. If you look at the full resolution photos you can see them along the placket, pocket flaps, etc. It's an A-shaped jacket, so slimmer shoulders up top and plenty of room at the bottom. Also not super heavy, so should be nice for layering.
  20. Care packages from Hoosier have arrived. 🙇‍♂️ Yellowstone. Urbanite. (These came out a bit overexposed.) Henley and Motor Cyclone tee, Hoosier special version. Derrickman in duck.
  21. Yeah I'm definitely not holding out hope, but it would be nice.
  22. I'm a little disappointed in the lack of tabs as well, I can understand no arcs but it seems like so many other brands are using tabs now. Maybe they're pulling a fast one on us and the production run will have them. 🤞
  23. I don't think we'll know much until the official specs are released in full. I think they posted some more information in the latest edition of Lightning if anyone has picked that up. https://www.instagram.com/p/CxxYaQovBBS/
  24. Sorry this took me awhile to post (I still haven't figured out where the best place to take fit pics is in our new place). Here's the Full Back white tee after a wash, really enjoying these and hope they release more varieties.
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