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    @willi It seems like in recent years Warehouse has stopped posting the catalogues online, no idea what the impetus for that is / was but here we are. Every now and then you'll see a retailer post preorders with images from the catalog (i.e. Take-Off Clothing), but I've haven't seen a full digital catalog available like we used to see in quite some time.
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    Small snippet from the Warehouse blog, looks like the WWII jeans will be ¥29,000. Not much to see but it at least confirms the model and an accompanying jacket.
  3. Pocket sweat arrived. This is my first mid-weight sweat from FW, I like the two-tone slight variation around the edges.
  4. Broark


    Really unique, lovely design there!
  5. The over-the-top-slub thing is way played out and almost always looks "better" new than faded, but PBJ's mainline fabric is fine. Also the Oldblue pairs (outside of the hideous rug-like denim) seem to have way too many "look at me" details. Way too busy for me.
  6. I agree on format: old school forums will always be king. They focus on creating a repository of relevant information in a dedicated space. Modern media platforms aren't tailored to that whatsoever. They're about consumption: what can I push to the user right now to drive engagement? How can we get them to spend more time on the platform? Let's just shuffle the same content deck of cards around endlessly, that'll keep 'em hooked. Then add in the fact that their search features are generally trash, making it pointless to even try to find anything that's already been said which ends up creating an endless circle of repetitious questions. I think the thing that's nice about this hobby is that it doesn't have to be all the time consuming, you can passively enjoy it while doing other stuff too. And really that's what makes this place great, people from all different backgrounds and locales, sharing different hobbies they enjoy through a common shared lens of denim, etc.
  7. Good one, that is definitely not happening.
  8. It's definitely not a necessity, I have more than enough jackets and plenty that are too warm for Texas. But at the same time...
  9. You're not wrong, I did sell my other deck jacket because it wasn't seeing that much wear. But my other ulterior motive was selling it and replacing it with one from FW. December - February gets downright chilly, and don't forget the state-infrastructure-fracturing "winter storm" we get annually. Plus I don't think we'll be here forever.
  10. Quick community poll, which do y'all like better: "khaki beige" or "dark red beige"? I think I'm leaning dark red right now. Khaki beige: Dark red beige:
  11. The small-ish leg opening on the 40s and the wide selvedge ID are my only complaints, but it hasn't really stopped me from wearing them. The stitching is really well done and the denim softens up nicely. I'll wear the Rockets for a day or two and try to get some fit pics.
  12. Looking good b_F, what do you think? Were you able to the the buttonhole stitching to loosen up at all? Post wash for the Rockets, just put them through a gentle, warm wash and hang dry. Feels like these shrank up quite a bit, denim feels pretty tightly woven. Waist: 35 in. Front rise: 12.25 in. Back rise: 16.25 in. Thigh: 13.5 in. Knee: 10.25 in. Hem: 9 in. Inseam: 32 in.
  13. Rockets 0001XX w36 pre-wash measurements. Will report back with post wash info once they are dry. Pre wash. Waist: 37.5 in. Front rise: 13.5 in. Back rise: 17 in. Thigh: 14 in. Knee: 11 in. Hem: 9.25 in. Inseam: 34 in.
  14. @Thanks_M8 Thank you! And good eye, they are made by Meindl, however they also offer a MiUSA model that's only available for purchase by visiting their store in person in New Hampshire.
  15. @Geeman thanks! I had my eye on the Reims for awhile, just couldn't ever find a pair on sale in the color I wanted until now. I've never worn loafers before so this will be a first for me. I think I could even get away with wearing these without socks. Without socks they feel a little loose on the heel, but maybe once the insole molds to my feet a little more they will be better. The sole is pretty pliable and they aren't very stiff out of the box, I really wasn't sure how leather soled loafers would hold up so this was a happy medium. Could always opt for some Alden loafers for something more Ivy!
  16. Thanks Michael! Given your hiking experience I was anticipating this! Initial impressions are that the finishing is really well done, just testing out some different socks to make sure the size is correct. They feel very comfortable off the bat, the leather also smells nice oddly enough?
  17. Good mail day yesterday for my birthday, two pairs I had been considering for awhile. Paraboot Reims in lisse cafe. Purchased at 50% discount from a shop in the EU. Color in the first photo is the most accurate, they have a tendency to have a purple / color 8 appearance in some lighting. Limmer Lightweights, shout out to Duke for suggesting these when I had been considering a Japanese brand that I wasn't sure about for sizing. I placed the order for these back at the beginning of October, unfortunate timing as they were just leaving to visit the factory in Germany that produces them. While I'm not a serious hiker whatsoever, I was wanting one pair of shoes I can take for our travels to London / the EU this winter that will take a serious beating. Being a size 11.5/12 it's difficult to pack any shoes in my luggage while traveling, so these will be my travel companions.
  18. @rbeck I haven't gotten any noticeable shrinkage out of mine, however I've only cold washed / hang dried since the body length is a little short for me.
  19. Yeah that's totally fine in my book, usually here with the warmer weather it's out on a patio outside of a dive bar or casual restaurant. But when your dog is taking a dump inside the grocery store next to the produce...that's where my frustration comes from. Or if I'm going to a nice dinner and I'm greeted by a dog underneath the table next to me. Owners should be able to read the room and know when it's inappropriate, but that seems to have gone out the window in recent years. A lot of businesses have started to put up signs that say if you have a service dog you need to have proper proof of accreditation. And if you actually have a real service dog then no worries, since they're generally a lot more well behaved because of that training.
  20. I've been fortunate enough to never have had any experiences like this, at our old apartment I had some choice words for a few neighbors who would walk around with their dogs off-leash which was against the rules. Our dog isn't always friendly, especially with larger off-leash dogs as she is smaller and probably felt intimidated. But I would just pick her up, yell at the owner to put their dog on a leash and walk away without incident. But one thing that has been really ridiculous lately related to dogs is people bringing them everywhere under the guise of being a service dog. Places such as the grocery store, nicer restaurants (inside, not on the patio) or any other business you might visit on a regular basis where a dog isn't really intended to be. This got 1000% worse since the pandemic, and I'm tired of it. The grocery store is the one that really pisses me off.
  21. @tooth Didn’t get a chance to stop by BiG unfortunately, we were in the area before they opened and didn’t have time to come back by before reservations. I wanted to check it out, maybe next time!
  22. @tooth we stopped by Verb Coffee while in Boulder, would’ve liked to spend more time in town as it seemed quite nice overall. I think the most impressive thing I noticed while we were there was the lack of traffic (or just good city planning?). Coming from Austin, if you want to get across town we’re talking about a 30+ minute drive if you’re going north and south. While we were in Denver I think it never took more than ~15-20 minutes to get anywhere? Or maybe we just got lucky.
  23. Just wanted to take some better detail photos of the Rockets before I finally decide to wash and start to wear them.
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