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  1. Not b_F but that's correct! ¥42,000 is the tax excluded price for us abroad. BEARS offers free shipping internationally over ¥15,000.
  2. Visited Denver and the surrounding area last weekend for some fall weather, beautiful part of the country. Flew out of Houston super early Friday, saw a cool Maneki-neko display above a shop. Landed, swung by the AirBnb to drop off our stuff and headed to the botanic gardens which were decorated for Halloween. After a couple hours wondering around we headed to Cerebral Brewing which is one of my favorites in the area. Walked over to lunch at a diner next to the brewery, had a good burger and a cocktail. Later that evening we departed for a ghost tour which ended up being the most eventful part of our trip. We met the tour group in Cap Hill, there were about 20 of us in total. We stopped at the first historic home, and while we were there I noticed someone running that didn't look like they were exercising and I pointed out how weird it was to my wife, but didn't think much of it. Just set an alarm off in my mind. Then as we're leaving some insane guy started yelling at the group. He looked like a fairly normal guy in workout clothes, but he was looking for a fight, saying he wanted to kill all of us and a bunch of other unhinged shit...but then we realized he had a hammer that he was swinging around. He actually threw it and it grazed my wife's ankle but she's completely fine. The entire group kinda speed-walked / jogged to a nearby bar which welcomed us in while the tour guide called the police. Needless to say the tour was cancelled and we received a refund, we filled out police reports while sitting at the bar. I had to say that I was actually impressed with the cops (haven't had many experiences with them in general) as they were respectful and responded very quickly (two things that don't happen in Texas). I've been to a lot of major cities around the world and I've never had anything like that happen before. The next day we woke up early, grabbed some breakfast nearby. On the way up to Rocky Mountain National Park we stopped in Boulder for a coffee. Entered the park around noon, sadly the park seasonal road closure limited our ability to see a lot of the park (we weren't prepared to hike extensively, so we had to stick to the roads, park the car and then hike for a bit). Beautiful place, I'd love to come back when the entire trail is open! On our way back we stopped at a little coffee shop off the side of the road in Estes Park which had a nice duck pond. Drove back to town, took a nap and watched some football, then walked to dinner nearby. Walked home and grabbed some wine (where the guy working at the shop complemented my Freewheelers sweat!) The next morning we grabbed a coffee and a pastry, walked to Berkley Supply (tried on a Samurai tee, wasn't crazy about the fit but the Japanese grown cotton fabric is really nice). Headed out to New Terrain brewing in Golden which has some nice light hiking trails on their property. Wearing my FW L2, Full Back tee and FW 37s. My wife said I had to post this as she referred to it as a "model photo". Headed back to town, grabbed lunch at The Grateful Gnome. Headed downtown to explore a bit, checked out Union Station then went to a steakhouse. And that wraps it up, enjoyable weekend with beautiful weather. Would love to visit again!
  3. I asked b_F for some help since he has ordered from BEARS in the past, I never got a response but seems like they will only be offering OW as he mentioned above. Guess it really doesn't make too much of a difference in the grand scheme of things, and it's nice that they do offer free shipping. Raw vs OW really isn't usually a big deal for me, but for whatever reason I wanted these raw. 🤷‍♂️ I believe these should be available next month.
  4. This one is kind of tough, like 00 I've been fortunate enough to find a way to get most of what I'm after. Also, I feel like the subject is two-fold: to me sought after implies that you haven't been able to get you hands the pair in question, while you also mention a more "hall of fame" type of lineup. Regardless, happy to explore both! Brands I have worn: Freewheelers - XX variations: I know, I know, here I go again touting FW. I've yet to try the standard 47 and 51 offerings, but in the last two years I've been wearing the S601XX and 601XX-C versions and I've thoroughly enjoyed both denims. There are times where I get a little bored with the denim (not including the S war-era stuff, that was always great) but if you put the time into them they're well worth it. Great patterns, some of the most underrated (at least from the western contingent) repro jeans on the market currently. Ooe Yofukuten - OA variations: While the differences in each run might be subtle, the changes between each OA lot make them interesting enough for me to try. Every different variety that I've worn looks slightly different, with the exception of them all lightening up fairly quickly without much contrast. Some of the best constructed pairs around, looking forward to the next war-era iteration since it's been some time since I've worn a pair of OAs. Roy - Cone variations: I own a lot of Roy, and a lot of black seed Cone specifically. While the black seed is one of my all time favorite denims, I feel like some of the earlier Cone that he used was even more special, like the original Cone Project jeans or the SF01. I've been focusing on other brands lately, but I'll likely revisit some Roy soon, maybe I'll start wearing the RS04's I have stowed away. My raw LeRoy's with duck patch might be my most "prized" pair in my collection. Brands I haven't worn: 45rpm - natural indigo: These have always intrigued me, mainly since they seem to fade very subtly over time. I had a pair of synthetic-dyed indigo jeans from them that I sold, they didn't really do anything for me but the natural indigo seems more interesting. Slash Overalls: One man brand from Japan, very similar to CSF when it comes to wonky construction and overall vibe. Very popular and hard to come by, some of the worn pairs I've seen on Instagram look great. Matin Montana jeans: These were pretty limited, released at the end of 2022. I wasn't able to get a pair, they pop up every now and then on Yahoo for exorbitant prices that I'm not willing to pay (which has evidently been making the Matin owner mad). Based off a vintage pair found near the Idaho / Montana border. I've seen a few worn pairs on Instagram that look nice. Sugar Cane Super Denim Collectibles: These haven't been released yet, but they've been discussed heavily in the SC thread. Newly developed denim for the 43 and 46 pairs, looking forward to trying both.
  5. Super nice guy, my Instagram interactions with him were great. If you ever do make it to his shop to collect a pair try to snap some pics. P.S. Hope you’re well!
  6. Just dropped BEARS a line, will let you know once I hear back.
  7. I think the usual suspects will be stocking heavily, but I admittedly don't have as many SC connections as some other brands. I might try to buy from PSA or Hinoya, or whoever offers the raw versions. Not sure if they do any modifications to the documents or not.
  8. I think it's a limited production run but there should be healthy stock available. But I might be wrong!
  9. Mainline SC stuff is so reasonably priced, I'm taking a hard look at the type III as well. I really, really don't need more denim jackets.
  10. Welcome to fall in Texas, where you need a sweat and jacket in the morning and a t-shirt and shorts by noon. Freewheelers Yellowstone. Freewheelers hoodie. Freewheelers 601XX-C. Birks. Disapproving pup who just wants to go outside.
  11. I'm very tempted by both the 43 and 46 jeans, wish they had tabs but seems those are long gone when it comes to SC. Based on the fit descriptions seems like the 46 will be quite close to the 47, which I do not own. And the 43 will be a bit wider which is nice. Guess we'll see what happens once they're available! Do I need them? Absolutely not, but do I want them? That's an entirely different question. Personally have very little interest in the jackets, I have my FW S506XX and that scratches the itch for me.
  12. Done, let's give this a shot. Let me know what y'all think!
  13. I think that's a fair point, anyone else on board? Perhaps we just leave small questions, blunders, and the current year waywt threads pinned?
  14. @MJF9 I believe superfuture pinned those threads universally for all users, you can see the little pin icon between the star and thread title.
  15. Speak of the devil, full catalog and details just posted: https://bookshelf.wisebook4.jp/html/toyoenterprise/51863/
  16. I actually can't comment much on the '47, despite having a bunch of FW I still have yet to wear the '47 or '51... My understanding is that they are still produced somewhat regularly (at least annually) and are offered o/w and raw with raw generally being less readily available since most of the JP market prefer o/w. It's easy to forget the classics when they're always pushing new stuff, I plan to try the '47 once I get through a couple other pairs in the queue. No idea when that might be!
  17. Honestly I'm just trying to figure out how much they're going to be. 😂 In the recent Sugar Cane Instagram post you can zoom in and almost make out the price, but not quite.
  18. Did anyone happen to pick up the latest edition of Lightning (vol. 355)? There are a couple of pages in it that outline the details on the upcoming 43 and 46 tuxes, if anyone has them I'd love to see the details! Tried browsing the web for a scan but didn't come up with anything, and the last time I went to our local Japanese bookstore they had gotten rid of most of their Lightning stuff.
  19. That Cossack jacket is great, I'd love to see some fit pics if you get the chance. What's the list price if you don't mind me asking? I've also inquired about the U-Tip shoes in brown in the past with no luck, might try again soon.
  20. Cool enough to wear a denim jacket this morning so I'm happy. Big lizard has made a home in one of our trees in the backyard, gave me a startle this morning. Need to name him as we see him running around regularly. He blends in well!
  21. I was thinking the same thing about the PIZZA tab, will keep y'all posted if I end up ordering. Now someone please buy one of my pairs of At Last jeans I'm trying to sell. 😂
  22. You're a much more active and committed man than I 00. 😂 Although it does sound like you could use a chiropractor. Let's see the Devis!
  23. He shared a size chart with me on IG, not sure if I can share that or not but I'm sure he'd provide it to you via DM as well.
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