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cant say im to keen on the bars/bar tape/or break they all kinda kill the simpleness of the bike

Using gear I've blagged/scalped/etc keeps my costs down and improves my bottom line when it sells. For example I've got some lovely '66 Cinelli bars but I've just seen a mint set fetching £80+ on the 'bay so I'll hang onto 'em for now.

Fair point though, if buyer wants different control points and a BMX/cross brake then no problem.

Personally I just can't ride without hoods. To each their own.

The bar tape colour is absolutely insane though, and seems to go well with the frame colour in real life (I just couldn't be bothered to tinker enough with colour balance on the picture).

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replace the hub?

sell the front and buy a new set?

I am replacing both of the hubs...just seeing if I should powdercoat it to add abit of twist. The hubs I got is "black" if i dont add some colour it will be Black rims, black spokes and hubs. Abit boring??:confused:

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So, I'm in the market for a new bike. I'm working with a budget of around $600-700. My question is, since I've never built a complete setup, would it be better to buy something lower than the price range mentioned and throw some better components on it? Or, can I possibly build a quality setup in that price range? I've started researching, but figured I'd ask since it seems there are some very knowledgeable heads in here. I'm looking at a fixie and would be on average commutes/rides of 5-10 miles.


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