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>>request for a LONDON top 10<<

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Ill be in london for the spring 2004 semester. anyone kind enough for a shop guide? aside from what rthq.com offers? thanks. peace.

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1. Buy the latest The Face on the newsracks. The back of every issue has an updated "Stockists" list, with current info on most shops.

2. Take the Heathrow Express Train into (London)Paddington Station, from Heathrow airport. It's 15 minutes, and will save you an hour or more via taxi or tube. Another perfect thing about Paddington Station, is that there is a Hilton right inside it. If I am only in London for a few days or a weekend, I usually stay there because of the 15 minutes to the airport benefit. Don't bother with First Class on the train. All you get for the extra $15 dollars is a fold out table, and a reclining seat. Why anyone would pay that just to recline for 15minutes is beyond me.


3. Selfridges Dept Store.

Oxford Street near Bond Street Tube Station.

This is a classic UK Dept store chain that got a multi million dollar makeover about 15 months ago. It's superb. It kind of reminds me of Tokyu Hands. They stock everything in this store, from the Kitchen to PowerDrills to Burberry. Incredible. Also, the prices on Evisu were the cheapest I could find in London. They have a Mens and Womens section. They have every small label you can think of and more. Wicked. So much better than dealing with Harvey Nichols.


4. Duffer St George

29 Shorts Gardens near Convent Garden Tube

They are now almost legend status in London. No further explanations needed. Just go.


5. The Tate Modern

On The Thames River near Southwark Tube

This opened two years ago. One of the most amazing uses of a old factory space. They completely gutted it and made the most amazing art space out of brick and steel. A must. Go early as last time I was there I waited for more than an hour to get in.


6. The Original Conran Store/ Bluebird Cafe

Fulham Road near

I don't think this needs any explanation. The Bluebird has excellent steak.


7. Yo Sushi!

Many Locations all over London. Check site.

Great place for lunch or dinner. Very clean & fresh. It's conveyer belt style and you pay by the color of the plates at the end.


8. Saatchi Gallery

Thames River near Waterloo Tube

Charles Saatchi is one of the most infamous names in the art world. His secretive collection is said to rival some major museums. He has a reputation for whoring young artists. The saying goes that if Saatchi decides to buy your work, your children's children will be rich. Whether you hate his style or love it, he is still a major force to be reckoned with. Worth checking out. I've seen some incredible shows here.


9. Slam City Skates

9 Neal's Yard near Convent Garden Tube

The first major Skate store in London. They carry everyone you can think of...all the major players from Zoo York to Bape to Burton. Twist/Barry McGee did a piece on the front of the store which is amazing.


10. Office

60 Neal Street near Convent Garden Tube

A great collection of UK/Euro sneakers, at normal prices. You won't find the rare stuff, but you will find stuff like the gucci/3 stripe adidas sambas and puma californias in italian colors. Worth a check.

<a href="http://www.officeholdings.co.uk/perl/go.pl/mens-subcategory.html

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Here's my list:

1. Liberty on Regent Street (they stock rogans and I love them for it)

2. Selfridges on Oxford Street (they have everything)

3. Stella Mccartney off Bond Street (the beautiful carpets and the exquisite shoes in the shoe room did it for me)

4. Harvey Nichols at Knightsbridge (they stock Japanese brands and Asia exclusive skincare and makeup on top of the usual things; there's also a bliss couter. Nice!)

5. Size? In Carnaby street (great trainers)

6. Browns focus (they have Dries, enough said)

7. Waterstone's Picadilly (probs the best selection of whatever book in town; you can sit in there all day reading)

8. Belgo in Covent Garden (great selection of belgian beer; may i recommend the fruit beer)9. Ikeda at the end of South Molton; they have the BEST sushi

10. Space NK for all the cult skincare and cosmetics that are not available elsewhere; the stephen marais eye shadow is among the best I've used)

11. The driving ranges in London; they're not bad if you're looking for some excercise and a place to keep up with your golf skills.

There are many places that I have forgotten. What do you think?

This is all random.......

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