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  1. 2 hours ago, Broark said:

    Jumping in, I have both pairs and to me they feel significantly different. That being said I sized up on the contest jeans, TTS on the Warehouse.
    The rise is a lot higher on the contest jeans and the top block feels a lot more forgiving. But that's probably because they're two different sizes, however the patterns feel a bit different to me.
    From the knee down both pairs feel pretty similar though. Main difference is the top block, WH are a bit trimmer in the hips/thighs/waist while my TCBs are a bit big everywhere.

    Thanks Broark - I wondered the original Levis models for these years would be the same shape wise (?) - while appreciating they are made from TCB's/Warehouse's own interpretation and specific pairs they're working off.. I remember it said the LVC's ww2's were too slim in the thighs but don't know how slim that was...

    From a future possible jeans  - . Its interesting the Warehouse 1946's are trimmer as that topbloc shape is often the widest and unsurest part of Warehouse (maybe the different size tho)

    TCB S40's have one of nicest fits for me - not having the hip flare (bad version) I can get when I go for a baggier pair of jeans

    I actually was after a baggier fit in them than they turned out  - but its a happy accident :smile:

  2. On 10/17/2020 at 4:45 PM, roomtemplacroix said:

    i will be honest the S40s fit is kind of love hate for me. the rise really is just next level high. i have trouble making it not look ridiculous somedays, and find myself wearing other jeans for a few days at a time and then coming back. 

    Hi @roomtemplacroix - how do the TCBWW2's fit compared to your Warehouse 1946's? - are they pretty similar in what you like and are less keen on? They both look good on your pictures..

  3. 18 hours ago, Dr_Heech said:

    So, for those of us who decided to purchase a copy of the new Levis denim jackets book, what are your thoughts?

    And for those of you who have got hold of the reprint 501XX book, again l would love to know the same :D

    I did get the jeans book - thanks for sticking your neck out a little and recommending it despite the price @Dr_Heech.

    Its a lovely book - and it really is fantastic to have the collection of old jeans' pictures in a book as opposed to seeing them online and then them vanishing into the ether again...

    I have an old Lightning mag of vintage jeans (also was pretty pricey actually)... and that I found brilliant for showing the details and the blues and shades of whites and wear - and I still look back to those. It was also looking at some old pictures of chore coats and their colours from threads on here - posted by Mr Broark and Mr Bartleby and others (thank you very much) that also persuaded me to order the book, as I find the look of some old denim so amazingly good - wabisabi eh..:o

    Agree the info is brief but still nice to have - (and in English too..) I'd not opened it when it arrived (saved it for the weekend after busy workweek) so I'm still to look at it more closely - really looking forward to that:).

  4. Happy Sunday people.

    That is a really great photo of you @volvo240thebest:smile:

    @mondo and @breakingfad - the roping is coming along quickly Mondo - I have mine turned twice at the moment so don't see the roping:sad: -  and like you illl be trying different lengths I think - I try and narrow mine in the rolling at the moment which gives it a different look to just a big turn up. They are longer than I would have wanted - always too cautious on the hem :rolleyes:.

    Just for info - mine (OW) were a bit longer than what id asked to be hemmed but lost 2cms on a soak - ending up exactly the length id asked for - which I was totally impressed by:ohmy:. They then seem to relax and went back to the length they were when they arrived. Still to wash yet.....


  5. I have to say @Thanks_M8 - mine barely fit too as the waist was always too small - after a week of wearing, they are just about  comfortable:biggrin: Tho saying that the thigh and the rest of the fit is pretty fine for moving about - its just the waist. They're a bit of an odd cut in the top block do you think? - tho that's partly my shape I guess


  6. I've been meaning to photograph mine and just prompted by Chicote's colours and texture and Chambo's post to add.

    2000 from a while back - worn a lot and took ages to fade - They have a not especially appealing silver selvedge but the denim is fantastic - and I think they're one of (but not quite) my favourite(s)..

    Japan Evisu just have something extra about them somehow - don't know if that justified their prices - but their quality of how they've been made really is top notch








  7. 1 hour ago, bartlebyyphonics said:

    hoping all those affected by fires can stay safe!

    compared back pockets to other tcb models, now comparing elements of my 38 s40s with my cone 36w-34l LVC '44

    [would love to see other comparisons with other war models by those who have them...]

    basic profile:

    tcb (on right) def has longer rise (front and back) with lvc (on left) having much trimmer thigh...


     I love the comparison stuff between jeans - thanks very much @bartlebyyphonics different jeans shapes, denims, stitching , (esp viewed side by side) is one of the pleasures the forum offers:smile: :unsure2:

    to me (inexpert) looking, the LVC 40s look less distinctive - correct standard details and the denim, but they kept the overall sewing and production quality etc far more in line with their others - but that's just an impression.. the denim on theirs is probably their main focus? 

    favourite things so far - lemon yellow stitching colour and the inky blue colour with the textured but only slightly feel to the denim. Wasn't one of the early comments at the beginning that jackets could never be short enough and on jeans the rise never be high enough?? well the rise is surely high enough^_^

  8. 1 hour ago, julian-wolf said:

    Apocalypse Aesthetic



    Apocolyptic indeed - they're shocking conditions - just been reading a bit more about it- Can only hope that the conditions somehow improve give some respite and state/govt/people can minimise the devastation. not sure really how best to respond except to express sympathy with you all affected - it looks almost unreal, must be shocking to be anywhere half close to it

  9. ^ one of my minor pleasures of watching tv and films is when something catches your mind and then figuring if the some of the theme tune or other music is original/by someone you might know/like or whether its a soundslike:happy: - (and I've now totally forgotten my last example:rolleyes:....)

     it was an older Agnes Obel song so a little less distinct - gave that sense you had a connection - but not quite sure.... (yeah - thanks for that pearl:laugh2:)

  10. Monday Monday Morning afternoon and night.....

    Morning here - and Nayuta your buddha pictures bring a nice sense of calm to the start of the week:mellow2::smile:

    Everyones pictures of the jeans posted last couple days continuing the really good fits - and really like that there's no sense they're all the same considering they're the same jean...

    Cant not say a thank you @BrownMetallic - haha! as long as I've no taxi driver vibe by half way though the week that'll be just fine:blink:


  11. yes that is a really good fit @el padre - the variation in fits has surprised me so far - the slimmer ones like @beautiful_FrEaK's still look good but pretty different to the wider ones I was expecting - and that more of the Japanese fits look like. (I still think shorter legs is easier to get the good baggier look - longer legs might flare out at hip more??).

    The prompt for me to soak my OW was when @crocodino - and others mentioned the additional shrink being an inch or so - trying to get the shrink gone at the start - without much more loss of starch tho. May take a week to dry now the sun's gone in :rolleyes:

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