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  1. julian-wolf

    What are your jeans doing today?

    Good to see that cluster of sea stars doing well—they’ve been struggling pretty seriously for the last couple of years down this end of the coast
  2. julian-wolf


    ^ different folks carry weight in different places I’m in the same boat; I don’t think any of Resolute’s cuts would ever work for me due to limited thigh room For what it’s worth, the TCB ‘50s cut works just fine for my biggish thighs
  3. julian-wolf

    Tender Co. Denim

    Hah, now that you mention it that does ring a bell…looking forward to the photos!
  4. julian-wolf


    Warehouse shirts are just a touch slim on me in 42; you’d def. want a 46 I think
  5. julian-wolf

    Tender Co. Denim

    @heyson That’s a shame, but luckily shouldn’t be too hard of a fix How are they aging, in general? Haven’t seen much of Whooper on here, nor anywhere else for that matter…
  6. julian-wolf

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    You’re almost half way there with the second option—pull the flap against the prongs so that they puncture it & hold it in place, then feed the flap through behind the hinge of the cinch so that it’s hidden behind the other side
  7. julian-wolf

    Sugar Cane Denim

    I remember being under the impression, years ago, that Toyo Enterprise had some stake in Nihon Menpu, & that that was part of how the Toyo brands were able to keep costs so low Looking back, though, I can’t find direct reference to this anywhere, so it may have just been a very believable rumor that was getting spread around at the time Anyone know one way or the other? If this was the case, it would make sense for Nihon Menpu to be making all of the in-house SC fabrics
  8. julian-wolf

    What are your jeans doing today?

    Never spent time in Idaho besides a pretty quick drive through the panhandle a few years ago; photos like this make me wanna go back & really give it some attention…
  9. julian-wolf

    WAYWT 2021 [denim edition]

    I love these jeans Warehouse / Tightly Stitched / Leroy’s / MOTO
  10. julian-wolf

    FOB Factory

    ^ That was the main thing that felt off about the TCB war jeans, to me at least…
  11. Discography chock full of bangers
  12. julian-wolf

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    Still v. envious of that hat—nice to see one put to good use!
  13. julian-wolf

    FOB Factory

    I'll take some close-ups of both of the above at some point, sure The M41058, in particular, looked very human-made—both in terms of (in)consistency in thread count and in terms of loose threads & yarns popping out of seams
  14. julian-wolf

    FOB Factory

    Not sure what RMC's timeline was, but this sort of thing is def. present on some early- and mid-'90s Cane's The MP-619 and M41058 both give off strong CSF vibes in that regard
  15. julian-wolf

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    I keep saying I'm gonna stop wearing these, then I keep repairing them & putting them back into rotation: I can't keep them off my legs
  16. julian-wolf

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Almost?? Every Goodwill in Hawaii has decent vintage rayon & silk shirts for sub-$20; skip the McCoy’s and buy a plane ticket
  17. julian-wolf

    Shoes that look better with age...

    What’s the deal with Skoob? Any experience with their shoes? Looks like they do production for a few of the brands were used to seeing here Not a niche I need filled right now, but these seem lovely—spiritually similar to the McCoy’s service boots? https://lua-shop.ocnk.net/phone/product/6877
  18. julian-wolf


    @KJS The waist is higher on the ‘40s, yes, but they’re also slimmer through the hips & thighs than the ‘50s and straighter through the lower legs. Overall, they’re more square through the top block—they don’t taper as much from the hips to the waist, & the seat seam isn’t as curved.
  19. julian-wolf

    Shoes that look better with age...

    @Duke Mantee Good info, thanks—so the idea is that after some wear the outsole will flatten out to spec?
  20. julian-wolf

    What are your jeans doing today?

    I’d gone back and forth in it for some time & couldn’t resist when one popped up on Yahoo in my size—there’s so much pocket room!!
  21. julian-wolf

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Fine, fine—I’m used to my outsoles being nice and Euclidian, and the insistence of shoemakers to realize manifolds with positive Gaussian curvature is really throwing me for a loop!
  22. julian-wolf

    Shoes that look better with age...

    No part of the sole is flat, but usually the curve is just front to back: If you wanted to make a sole out of paper, you could bend it a bit to have the toe spring up but still keep it straight along the other axis & get just what you see on most shoes (besides the paper probably wearing down pretty quickly…). What I'm talking about wouldn't be possible with paper. You could bend the [paper] sole front to back, but when you tried to bend it side to side to get the center to bulge out, the front-to-back bend would snap out of place since paper just isn't elastic like that. The center of the outsole bulges outwards, which is to say that no matter what direction you look at it from (even looking head on from the toe of the boot) the center of the sole will be lower down towards the ground than the edges, & the sole will strike the ground at (something like) a single point rather than (something like) a line going all the way across from inside to outside. It wouldn't do anything to relieve stress on the stitching—getting something like rubber to bulge like this means stretching it pretty actively, and, if anything, it would add extra stress. It may be necessary in order to make room for whatever's going on between the insole and the outsole, but since the apex of the bulge seems to happen so far forward, I doubt it would be anything like a shank. My best guess is that it's just extra cork / leather filling, and that it's put there intentionally—just can't figure why that might be beneficial.
  23. julian-wolf

    What are your jeans doing today?

    Mostly spending the day sitting on porches snacking Fresh sweetcorn & strawberries in the morning, feat. Skid Row & Cane’s: Avo’ gelato in the afternoon, feat. Highballer & Bushmaster (Bubo / Great Lakes is quickly becoming a favorite sub-brand…)
  24. julian-wolf

    WAYWT 2021 [denim edition]

    Just walked a lot farther than I intended to—boots are starting to break in (this being maybe their third or fourth day of wear, & their first walk more than a few miles), and they’re a joy to wear Freewheelers / Cane’s / Flame Panda Tender shades
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