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  1. Looks like we lost some posts and the poster information to the left hand side is duplicated?
  2. They're getting close to Yuketen pricing with some of their models (the other recent Clays were $635, and Yuketen's Blucher is ~$650).
  3. Nope, pretty much every overseas retailer is charging crazy prices for FW.
  4. I don't doubt that one bit, just having a hard time justifying the price when I already have a pretty full stable. I've always wanted a pair, but the recent price hikes have been making me second guess the purchase.
  5. There was one other shop carrying FW that went under, HwyBlues in New Orleans. They had a small run of inventory but announced that they were closing down within the first year of opening or so. No other ones that I know of outside of Brogue.
  6. Thanks Julian, the pricing is certainly out of control ever since new ownership took over. I'd love to get these but I don't think they're worth nearly $600 bucks. Not like I actually need more boots anyways!
  7. What's the general consensus on Russell Moccasin sizing? They just released a new Clays model that I'm interested in, even though I'm a little put off by the asking price.
  8. Sorry, these aren't mine. They are photos from the Warehouse used section: https://ware-house.jp/used/
  9. Nice work 00, cozy looking backyard!
  10. Some updates to the LB 40s jeans, worn for about 3 months so far. Denim is starting to show some signs of life, really enjoying them so far. There's a nice grain starting to develop. My complaints are minimal, the selvedge ID is a little wide and I wish the front pocket openings were a little bigger.
  11. As Edwin mentioned I did get a pair of the recent Lot 560 1922 overalls, honestly it's been so hot I haven't had a chance to wear them yet. And as Duke mentioned there have been many different iterations over the years, generally out of stock but sometimes you can track a pair down. Besides the Lot 560, my other favorite are the Silver Hammer linked above. Haven't had any luck tracking those down.
  12. Working on the fit pics, will get some posted this weekend. Here are the measurements, I went for size 42. They have already been washed according to the Signal Garments postings. The fit is pretty boxy which I like in a t-shirt, feels similar to my WH tees in size XL. Shoulders: 21 in. Chest: 23 in. Length: 26 in. Sleeve: 8 in.
  13. Apples and oranges. You're talking about historical repros where the original company offers nothing in a similar vein today (sure they try with LVC, but that's not their bread and butter and clearly that line is dying) vs. an instance of a modern brand copying a modern design quite directly. But when the brand says "our shirt is better than IH" while delivering a product that looks nearly identical to the one that the competition they're calling out designed themselves? Pretty weak. There's bound to be overlap since it's a flannel, but the way that they're going about it to me is cheesy. Just let your product speak for itself if it's that much better.
  14. Agreed, don't think it's the same exact fabric, but it's pretty clear where the inspiration came from given the fact that they called IH out directly. I remember another brand (maybe RGT?) doing a flannel a few years back that was nearly identical after IH made the same colorway. But they didn't ever call out IH in this fashion. I think the call-out is a little corny, especially when the product you're touting as "better than the competition" is almost a direct knock-off of what the competition made 5+ years ago. Generally I'm in the camp of letting your product speak for itself. So, if you want to make a product that's better than IH, do it. And maybe do it with some originality instead of copying the competitor's design. This is coming from someone who isn't interested in IH in the slightest.
  15. It's been years since I've ordered from them (before when they only had a Rakuten shop) and it was painless. It looks like they're now integrated with World Shopping, which I've seen on several other shops as a proxy but I've never used that particular service.
  16. The only downside to them I can find so far is that you have to use a proxy to purchase from Signal Garments!
  17. Picked up these tees from Signal Garments via a proxy, Full Back is a seemingly very new brand. Instagram link and Signal Garments link for additional information, seems as if this was a brand that was around in the 1940s although I haven't seen any vintage examples. I'm really pleased with the fabric on these, it's very fluffy and the fit is really nice. I'll be looking out for more colors and future releases. I'll get some fit pics soon, still haven't figured out a good place for them in the new place. Translated text from Signal Garments: "FULL BACK", an athletic wear brand that existed in the United States around the 1940s. Although the original is a minor brand, its construction is similar to the athletic wear that was famous in the United States in the 1940s. I wanted more people to know about the wonderful construction and texture of the fabric, which led to the production. This brand, which was made in the good old days, has been inspected one by one and has become vintage items. It is a product that revives the technology forgotten in the past while imagining the wisdom and production background unique to that time.
  18. Strike Gold is still offering indigo dyed sweats as well, and unless the fit has changed over the years they're fairly short.
  19. Left Field isn't pulling any punches. Fabric looks identical to the one IH used a couple years ago.
  20. Another Clutch video going over some details on the upcoming jeans, mostly focusing on hardware this time. Seems like SC is really going over the top for these, love to see it.
  21. You're not wrong Maynard, I'm just practicing a little bit of delayed gratification. And even once it cools off here it's still quite dry, I won't have any problem getting it to dry out in the garage.
  22. @MJF9 the '22 jacket looks nice! Mine is still unwashed, waiting until it's not a million degrees outside to do so.
  23. Wait, he's outsourced his production to Japan? I thought the whole original concept was that the jeans were cut and sewn by one guy? I'm with b_F on this, other people have offered a similar, if not better, product for noticeably less money. Nitpicking here, but I am slightly judgemental of people who still recommend the whole wear-the-jeans-in-the-bathtub-while-soaking thing in 2023.
  24. Broark


    Generally speaking I avoid RMC products, and I'd probably rather just not have a type 3 than buy one from RMC. Also just because Celluloid doesn't have size 46 listed for preorder doesn't mean Warehouse won't be making it in size 46. I'll keep my eye on the Warehouse webshop, every now and then they'll go up to 46/48 on their denim jackets. I can't discern what their logic is when deciding to make / not make those sizes. Truth be told I don't need any more denim jackets anyways.
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