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  1. Another type II just popped up, this time in a larger size (44). The body length would never work for me, but I'd love if someone here was able to make it work. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k1140652142
  2. @julian-wolf I think the Yahoo listing is just referencing a FW lot number that doesn't exist. The bag looks authentic and in good shape for how old it is, but they're asking for 50% more than the original price (16,000¥). I'd like if they reran the Kingfisher at some point as it would make for a good work bag, but not plans currently.
  3. No experience with shell moc-toes, but good point of reference! The Shoe Mart actually has my size in stock for the LHS but not for the factory seconds unfortunately. I've kept an eye on those in the past, might be worthwhile.
  4. Good point Julian, hadn't considered applying those. Another point I should've mentioned is that I've also been considering the JM Weston 180 loafer in beechnut suede. The JM Weston seem a bit more dressy and my style is more casual, but I saw some in person in Paris and they were really well made.
  5. Getting a little in the weeds here, but looking to buy a pair of Alden snuff suede loafers. Is the LHS version (6243F) really that much of an upgrade over the machine sewn version (6221L)? The general consensus seems to be that the LHS version is higher quality, but I was leaning towards the 6221L given the rubber sole. Looking at photos online and it's hard to tell much of a difference. Might be easier to tell in person, but I don't have that option unfortunately. Generally I'm not a fan of leather soles, but most people don't seem to mind the flex leather one from Alden. 6243F: 6221L:
  6. @julian-wolf No, not that I am aware of. Do you have that code handy from the listing?
  7. Gave them a wash yesterday, liking where they are headed. Will probably give them another wash in a couple of months.
  8. Seconding b_Fs suggestions, I take a w38 in OA and w36 in all my Freewheelers jeans. And always buy from Hoosier.
  9. Has the forum been loading extra slow for anyone else lately? Noticing it on both my phone and laptop.
  10. The fabric is pretty soft, however it still does feel like it has a little starch left in it.
  11. @beautiful_FrEaK yup pretty stubborn, three months total being the main pair that I’ve been wearing. I’ll throw a different pair into the mix every now and then, but that’s been infrequent. So maybe realistically two months of actual wear.
  12. Small update on my 03s, a little over three months of wear so far. Aiming for a little more contrast, at least initially. Will likely wear them another month or so before washing.
  13. I'll contribute! My jacket collection is smaller and more focused than my jeans, mainly since I get relatively little time to wear them. Freewheelers 504xx 1900 closed front jumper 506xx 1922 506xx 1933 506xx 1942 506xx 1945 507xx RB Lot 100 Ironalls Ooe Yofukuten Wool-lined chore coat Chore coat in twisted weft denim Railroad jacket Cone denim Railroad jacket ecru denim
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