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  1. All 3 models should have different denim.
  2. I think it has something to do with Thursday Boots which are kinda affiliate with him (correct my grammar please)
  3. If it's too low for a woman what should a man say?
  4. Huh, wasn't it the other way around? The 221 barely shrank?
  5. You need a proxy for Mercari. I have that pair above in 34 as well (as most of my jeans). So the 33 would not fit me.
  6. At least SugarCane is as clueless as we... https://www.instagram.com/p/C0logCBvjRc/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  7. Another beauty: https://jp.mercari.com/item/m65745803579
  8. I have no idea and I don't really care as the (my) likelihood to win is pretty low anyway. I might change my entry from Denime XX (Shins) to something new but I will first wait until it arrives.
  9. Nice packaging The back pockets also look rather slim
  10. Since it's an unsanforized fabric, of course I wash and shrink them down directly before I start wearing them. The second wash varies and depends on how dirty he jeans are or if they want to shrink them further if I have the feeling the first wash wasn't suficient. No hard rules here for me.
  11. Exactly, UK9 and couldn't be happier. A Fine Pair of Shoes recommended a half size up from my Paul Sargent and it is spot on.
  12. I wash them mostly inside out until they are faded enough and marbling shouldn't occur too much, then I switch to right-side out. My Denime 220 will probably washed right-side out next time
  13. I made the right decision Beautiful last, I prefer it to the Paul Sargent 87 last.
  14. Feeling a bit "British" today...the new Tricker's arrived and I am in love. Had to pair them with my Jamieson's sweater.
  15. Well, apparently there is demand...dunno who and why
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