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  1. i did it some time ago, but i just called them after I made the order. they only asked where i heard about it and i said fashion blog, and applied the discount.

    but did you do it on forward or revolve? i guess you mean on forward like i intended to know, but it doesn't hurt to ask again

  2. A lot of guys pull it off pretty well on SZ but are afraid to post here because of this thread. Anyway, this has gone on way to long.

    i read SZ pretty frequently and this just isn't true.

    They're afraid to post here because even though sufu has its own circle jerks, it doesn't even compare to the amount of circle jerking and mutual masturbation that goes on in there.

  3. Pardon my confusion.

    Dude, it's all good if you don't like the MA+ hoodie, I don't really mind and I don't think Tyro does either.

    i actually like this hoodie in particular, but the snobbery that people who buy this stuff come up with to justify the ridiculous price points they pay for them is ludicrous.

    i think that, for example, CCP and Maurizio have some really interesting pieces, but 99% of the people who buy it become so obsessed with being decked out in their pieces they look like fucking tools, even more than those dior homme dorks a few years ago. "all dressed up and nowhere to go" pretty much sums up what i think about the whole thing.

    i see mike lowrey pull this kind of stuff off, but i cannot recall anyone else who does it.

  4. it's just a bad analogy, because you are using how something looks on opposite sides of the comparison. tbh, I dont like the original fit at all, but I think the ma+ hooded jacket is nice.

    it's not a bad analogy, it's an analogy based on a comparison hence the reason why i am using a parameter on opposite sides of it, it's a pretty easy thing to understand imo.

    beau, who the hell used the expression judging a book by it's cover? now you're just reading things that do not exist

  5. You mean the cover is what they say on SZ, and the book itself is the garment.. But looks like you missed the theory behind the story of Camus' Stranger and burned the book cos you didn't like the way it ended or some shit.

    how can you still not understand something so simple? it's pretty sad when people let their beliefs get in the away of their reading comprehension, this is the ultimate form of ignorance.

  6. wait? Doesnt the first part of what you just said sort of contradict the second? In this analogy, wouldnt the way the clothing looks be the cover of the book, and the craft of making it and the theories and history of the piece be the story :confused:

    that wasn't what i said at all, you misread my analogy, i thought i was pretty clear with what i was saying.

    i think buying a piece a clothing that looks generic,is overpriced and unpractical because it has a story to it is as pointless and retarded as buying a book because it looks good.

    easier this way?

  7. Shit isn't about money, it's about appreciation. Check out Sartoria, Carpe Diem, Linea, and the theories behind them before you blow your eyeballs out your sockets at the price tag. Just sayin'.. MA+ ain't Prada.

    the greatest theories in the world can't make a shitty piece of clothing look decent.

    i don't choose the books i read by how cool their covers look, but i guess people who buy this kind of stuff do.

  8. ^their styling and models are terrible. they should feel terrible.

    everything is pretty much as bad as it gets...makes robert geller look like urban outfitters, that's pretty fucking incredible in my book.

  9. new pierre hardy crepe sole desert boots look great. o have the black calf with leather sole version from last season and i love them, he makes by far the best looking desert boots out there.

    they're all available at tres bien.

  10. Those definitely aren't Goros, and regardless both are cast..

    are u saying that both of those pieces are cast or that both goro's and that brand's pieces are cast? if you're saying goro's is cast i'm really really surprised about it...

  11. so, for anyone who cares, after the showing of the film, entitled electra luxx the director invited everyone in the theater over to a resturant called magnolia, figuring i may be able to make some good contacts, my girlfriend and i went over. i ended up hanging out with and meeting, carla gugino, emmanuelle (super cool, she was drunk as fuck, but a super chill person) josh hartnett, super cool dude as well, but imo coolest dude was clifton collins, dude was fucking rad as fuck, so all ya'll who negged me for initially not having balls to talk to sloan (who rekked of comme des garcons perfume) i did end up talking to her for awhile hahaha

    clifton collins looks fucking insane, i'm sure he is cool as hell.

  12. She (sloan) totally just complimented my tattoos... too starstruck to spark up a real conversation... but I am sitting like 3 rows away from her, branespload

    I am driven crazy with jealousy and am humbled by your superior manhood.

  13. There's this girl in my political economy class, who I'm pretty convinced thinks it's still 1980. She was talking shit about how she's going to be a banker, and how she's a coloured woman (I thought she was white to be honest) and so she's gonna face all sorts of workplace harassment, and if she opens her mouth about it she'll be branded a "troublemaker".

    She told me (someone who has worked at a bank for the past 5 years) that I didn't really know what I was talking about when I told her that's probably not the case.

    She's also about 150 pounds overweight, and strikes me as the type to say that she's comfortable looking like a "real woman", despite being actually unhealthy as fuck.


  14. That is market. If no one consider to buy those goods, the seller will no longer sell it.

    i know you tried to sound smart and all, trying to apply a misplaced basic concept of economics, but you completely missed my point.

    basically, you were better off not posting what you just did,it just made you look dumb.

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