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  1. I think it mainly reflects the taste of the couple behind hell looks. what icarus said here is true, but it doesn't really reflect the whole scene in helsinki. you will, for example, see people in rick owens and damir doma quite frequently if hanging around at some particular places.

    (i am living in finland and been to helsinki quite a few times)

    My friend from Helsinki, Tuomo, situates the prevalence of hand-me-down and vintage/recycled clothing in a sustainability framework. It's very popular for Finns to appear eco-conscious so they consume a lot of/unceasingly talk about their environmentally sustainable choices, like wearing hand-me-down and shopping second hand, among other things. UFF is a chain store that sells used/"recycled" clothing, and their prices are rising with the growing popularity of environmentally-conscious fashion. I think Hel Looks just demonstrates one facet of a popular consumer movement in which clothes play a part.

    I think a lot of us wear hand-me-down/vintage/surplus etc. in our everyday getup, we just aren't so compelled to talk about it with fashion bloggers because clothing has not entered our sustainability discourse on a broad scale.

  2. This is my take on the (white) fro.

    i've been buzzing my hair for the last couple of years, but decided to let it grow again last august and this is how it looks like now. i basically just shampoo it and let him do his thing.


  3. i can't/won't fuck him. i can't do that

    but i don't get what he's aiming at.

    i told him to shut up when he started that: i don't kiss you bullshit.

    i need a new job

    he wants to keep you around for sex sometime in the future, basically that's it

  4. i presume you're talking about:


    i like the design but it seems you have to invert the straps in order to access the rear compartment, and it looks like most of my stuff will be there. that'd be annoying after a while. this review confirms it, but it does say that they are redesigning the rear compartment in the next release

    i have it and i don't find it annoying at all. if the compartment wasn't hidden it would make it look a lot more like a laptop bag

  5. there is nothing better or even close to it at a similar budget, you can't go there expecting the clothes to compare in terms of materials to something a lot more expensive that you're used. go to zara, h&m and similar stores and tell me what you can find that even compares to this line.

    you can dress head to toe in +j and look decent. Not one piece of the collection looks bad, name me one brand that does something like this at this price point.

    i'd very much appreciate if you could off the top of your head list which pieces were really good cuz every +j piece i've handled felt really thin and light. for example, the overcoats were very flabby (i may be biased because i like some weight on my shoulders). also the fabric felt real coarse to touch. arms are still roomy, although a tad bit slimmer than the last year's. suit jackets also felt lacking that weight, although the cut was very good. wool pants, however, were again too thin and flabby. it's not like some quirky details make up for that. shirts felt filmsy even though they dubbed it as premium cotton. other nylon goods, i wasn't there for, but other people seem to like that puffer vest, which i'd agree if it was for $20. speaking of which, the price is unjustifiable... i mean, it's freaking uniqlo, afterall.

    but this is all my pesonal opinion after 2 visits since the fw10 +j dropped, so like i said before if anyone can point out the standouts of the collection, i'd respectfully reconsider what everyone else seems to be hyped about.

  6. thanks, what about trousers, same sizing as uniqlo denim?

    anyone in NYC willing to proxy a couple of things? selection on the UK site seems to be missing all of the few things I would've been interested in :(

    aren't there a couple of guys doing proxy service in paris and london? if they can go to the stores they can probably get what you want.

    they are probably gonna put things gradually into the uniqlo uk website like they did the last time hence the reason why not everything is there yet.

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