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  1. Up for sale is a pair of used combat boots i purchased off another member on sufu a few months ago. Unfortunately since i'm at a point in my life where i am travelling between countries quite a bit i have to let go of some of the stuff that is getting less rotation in my closet in order to reduce my luggage weight.

    I would say the condition on them is 8/10, they don't really have any major flaws on them, but the heel vibram commando sole is a bit worn in (didn't get to the leather sole and it doesn't affect walking whatsoever) but nothing that an easy resoling won't fix. I bought them like this already and it never really bothered me so i don't think it's an issue.

    I paid 240€ for them, i am looking to get 200€ shipping to Europe or 215€ with shipping to the US. Mind that these are quite a bit heavy hence the expensive shipping.

    Don't take your time too much making up your mind if you're interested, since after this monday i might not be able to sell them anymore for a few months when i come back to Helsinki.

    thank you



  2. If you don't give it up early i start to assume that you are insecure, bad in bed, religious, virgin or all of the above, which will be a huge turn-off and i will never look at you as someone to be in a serious relationship with.

    Libido is a healthy thing and i expect someone i'm interested in to show it, beating around the bush is a huge turn off.

  3. You guys hating on djrajio need to do something else with your time.

    I disagree with a lot of points that he introduces into this thread and i find his essays about dealing with women, more often than not, foolish, because it really isn't rocket science or anything. If you haven't been living under a rock and have a minimum share of common sense you should know all that shit when you hit 18 tops. I also find it a bit sad that he actually took time into reading those lame ass books about dating and manipulating women.

    Do i find that he dresses a bit foolish sometimes? yes. Do i think he obsesses too much about status and money? yes. You guys just need to understand the humor in it and realize it is more of an internet alter ego / joke.

    I like him as a poster on this forum over the years, and probably he has said some stupid shit in the past that made me neg him or something, but the positive contributions to this forum far exceed the negative ones to a point that i don't even remember exactly what he posted to bother me.

    This thread has his name on it and he posts regularly, if he disgusts you guys that much just stay away from the thread. It's as if you knew you hate pasta and still ordered it every single time you went to dine out and complained repeatedly while shoving the food down your throat

  4. Don't send that message...the guy doesn't owe you anything, don't get into awkward situations because your girlfriend is a slut. Sorry to say it this way, but it's the truth. I know it's messed up and reacting on the guy is the first instinct with men specially if you're truly emotionally involved with the girl, but she is the one to blame.

    In my opinion, just high five the guy for not making you realize later on that she isn't trust worthy, let him worry about her messing around his back, he just released you of a burden.

  5. Didn't know superfuture was the place to be to hit on gf and ex-gfs of friends, that's messed up. so halifamous did your ex-girl? the one who was a member here? i don't think i'm mistaking you with someone else, you did have a girlfriend posting on sufu a few years ago right?

  6. wow, didn't even know there were still so many of you people from back then still in here. i thought lab had disappeared from the face of the earth (stopped updating his blog or became private or some shit like that) and i figured JJ would be too busy designing cars on autocad or something to that effect.

    Does daniway still get pleased an average of 3 times when she has intercourse with the douche looking doppelganger of halifamous? does she get reported on facebook for posting nudes? hopefully someone has the answers

  7. I'm not taking you seriously, and you shouldn't take me either. do you really think i really believed he was bullied or needed therapy? of course i don't believe these things. clearly he was just gang banged by his whole family (except grandparents, possibly) between ages 4 and 7.

  8. I think people like that are a product of bullying, therefore more violence would do nothing more than aggravate the underlying problem here. I say piggy bank some money and pay that kid for therapy so he can figure out who he is.

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