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  1. I love how that guy deleted his post and now all those comments seem directed towards me.

    ahaha, i was getting really confused about the comments, i thought i was missing some kind of inter-thread hate on you or something.

  2. been going through similar myself. just cut them off the worst ones and look for new friends.

    it's not about holding grudges though. you should be grateful to these people for revealing their true nature sooner rather than later.

    when i mentioned holding grudges was in the way that i am not able to forgive people or not remember occasions where they acted as complete retards when i'm with them again, not that i will be thinking about it all the time or that i will try to orchestrate some kind of revenge or whatever.

  3. Friends have been disappointing me left and right lately, and considering i'm someone who holds grudges i don't see this ending very well. can't understand how people can be such selfish assholes sometimes. no, this is not about women.

  4. if anybody knows where to get the dipdye hoodie in charcoal or wants to sell one in a size 48 please let me now. i'm paypal-ready!

    i have one arriving this week, if it don't really like it (which i highly doubt) i will let you know.

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