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  1. hahaha. do people still buy them? if i could get some nice cash for them i def would - they're the original ones from zakkacorp. ebay?

    to be honest i know nothing about bearbricks, i just think they are ridiculous but i am sure there are still some silly people out there buying that stuff. Maybe some hypebeast dude who still didn't hop in the americana bandwagon is your target demographic lol.

    knowing you from the forum i was expecting them to be of high value and rare hence the reason i suggested selling :) .

  2. I've got 1986 pages worth of poker books on my desk right now. I've read most of it, and the one thing I've learned without a doubt so far, is that nothing is as important as experience hard earned through the loss of your money. It's also interesting that I was born in 1986.

    if you read the books correctly, u shouldn't be losing money, just make sure you're playing in the correct levels for your bankroll.

    if you're playing online realize that variance is a bitch sometimes, you just need to not tilt and remember that if you maintain your A game even though you had some ridiculous bad beats you will still be a winning player over a large period of time, hence the reason why you should try multitabling, to maximize the number of hands you play per hour.

    Never do questionable decisions because you're chasing someone who dogged you before or be emotional about the game and you're set if you know the basic concepts of +ev, pot odds, implied odds and have a decent brain to calculate some basic percentages.

  3. these shoes make this du feet look HILARIOUS big

    which is fucking hilarious considering they're common projects achilles which are slim as fuck, but somehow he makes them look like air force ones there.

    dude must be 5'3" or something

  4. Lose your virginity and stfu for fucks sake.

    My confession doesn't necessarily only translate to "I'm depressed". It's more like "I'm depressed and there seems to be nothing I can do about it. I shouldn't even feel depressed anyway, it's not like I live an unpleasant life."

    I'll be the first to admit that I have it great; that billions of other people have it far worse than me and that I don't deserve to feel self-pity. But that doesn't make it go away. All of your advice is, although hard to stomach, almost entirely valid.

  5. No, it's called being a lame teenager. This is the kindof shit you should be reading on livejournal or the used's tour blog, not sufu.

    i have tried to rep you like 10 times in the last 2 months but since i don't use the rep system that much anymore it always tells to spread rep around .

    dude wears legos around his neck, being a lame emo teenager is probably the least of his problems, but yeah he should find an appropriate place to type that shit .

  6. those fucking retards at uniqlo uk fucked up on my order and ended up not sending me the navy suit i ordered due to some system malfunction or whatever and all they do i fucking offer me a 5 pound voucher, what a joke. took them about 2 weeks to get my order dispatched from the warehouse without no explanations and it didn't even come complete.

    basically, i need a +j wool mohair suit in navy size m jacket and 32 pants, nay idea if it is still available instore in the US or UK?

    so fucking pissed at these dudes, i ordered just hours after it went live at like 4 AM and they couldn't get their shit right.

  7. Thanks for the heads up. It doesn't look as nice as it did in the other picture. The main draw for me was the super-reflective looking hood liner. It looks dull on the website.

    yup, i was also looking forward to it and was disappointed with the photos on the website too.

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