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  1. wow brad pitt, that zip up hoodie by american apparel in lavander is amazing! but i checked their site and they only have that colour on the girls section. i wonder if you ordered the hoodie one size up or something. hep me out in this cuz i really want that hoodie ^^

    Stand tall or don't stand at all

  2. Try going to www.amazon.co.uk

    they had the book under this name:

    author: Mr. Paul T

    name of the book: dry / raw / unwashed denim for dummies

    i think it costed around 20 pounds with delivery included, i got it and it's pretty nice actually

    Stand tall or don't stand at all

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  3. yeah, i'v seen fake evisu jeans made in hong kong that have real selvage and one of the give aways is how awkward the selvage becomes kinda folded in the middle of the leg, and i thought that may be the case, i guess not ^^. i just wasnt really familiar with those colour tones on the leather tag

    Stand tall or don't stand at all

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