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  1. ahah nice Berget__ , thanks for taking the time to explain that through draws. u didn't need to do that though, i understood clearly just from your word explanation eheh.

    the thing is, the lvc 1944 also have chainstich through the inside seam of the jeans, so i would end up ruining the chainstich on the side.

    i am gonna consider your way of doing tapering, gonna wait to see how rirawin nudies look like and then take it to a tailor to see if it's worth me doing it or not.

    thanks once again!

  2. yeah, i was positive that it would be done in the inside seam due to the selvedge, but the major problem i am sure i will have is the fact that the hem and the inside seam have chainstitching, which i don't know where i will be able to find a tailor that has one.

    i have major problems with modifying jeans,it is awfully akward to me cuz i feel like i am messing up a work of art lol. i don't even cut the length of the jeans if they are too long cuz of that.

    what bugs me out, is that i am used to use jeans that do not go under the shoes, and these sometimes get under the shoes due to the fact that they have about 1, 1 and 1/2 centimeter more than what they should have in leg opening.

    i will make sure to remind you if you forget about, thanks for being so helpful

  3. rirawin, could u please post some pics of the inside of the jeans that you tapered so i can see how it works out? i have never done it to a pair of jeans, but recently i got a pair of LVC 1944 that i wished they had a smaller leg opening, but i am not having the guts to taper them cuz i am afraid it may ruin the jeans.

    so, could you help me out with a photo of some sort explaining how it was done?

    also, has the new stitching on the area that you tapered the jeans held on with no problems?

  4. wow, taking pictures at 7:20 pm is a really bad idea.


    shirt engineered garments

    t something from thailand (god i wish i had bought more of these)

    pants nice collective

    shoes adidas by army (black)

    that shirt is soooooo dope.

    how much would something like that hurt my wallet? i do not know the brand, so sorry for my noob question

  5. sorry, i think i made a mistake on my judgement lol.

    if "the ownerz" is the album we are talking about then i liked it too, i only realized now that the last album guru came up with was without premier, and had mc solaar producing instead. it was called guru version 7.0 or something like that. that album sucked hard

  6. You gotta give a listen to

    * Steve Spacek - dollar (j.dilla prod):

    live performance in vienna:


    not the cleanest sound available, but download the mp3 if you are feeling the music

    * John legend - save room:

    videoclip here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5lZCJlJpcQ

    * Sa-ra ! this is actually the album that i am most looking forward to hear.

    catch a glimpse of the album here: http://www.sa-raonline.com/

    post here any musics that fit in the musical genre that you would like to spread the word about :)

    please submit feedback of the links i posted here

  7. i heard that dj premier produced about 8 tracks on the new christina aguilera album. does that give her street cred? i'm confused, someone please tell me whether or not i should hate on this album.

    no matter how much u hate aguilera as a celebrity and for her previous albums, we have to admit she is probably one of the top three voices of our era.

    regarding the album, well, i have listened to it, and i haven't bother to search the internet to know what tracks were produced by premier, but i can tell you that the album has some amazing tracks in it. and i really mean AMAZING.

    i would consider myself as what we call a backpacker hip hop listener regarding musical taste, and i was blown away by christinas last album. it has an amazing jazz feeling to it à la premier.

    check out "christina aguilera - back in the day". the album goes around that sound. from what i remember, it had some boring ballads, but the best musics on the album are straight fire

  8. fur-belt bags?come on....are you serious?

    i guess it's ok if you'r gay . i am not acting like an ass, i have no problems with gay people, don't take me the wrong way, but no way a straight guy can pull that off lol

  9. hum...judging by the fit guide they don´t seem slim fit to me...i would even say they are more like a regular cut. they don´t have a tapered leg at all judging by the measurements. anyone can confirm this?

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