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  1. i love when people say that evisu is overrated :)

    the fact that they are hyped up doesn't mean its' quality doesn't speak for itself

    just get a pair before talking about it

    Stand tall or don't stand at all

  2. ahaha , i wanst expecting that much help, but thanks a lot for all your input. i must say that apresto and goma are by no chance the answer im looking for, as apresto is not even a portuguese word and "goma" are candys eheh :P. but thanks a lot for you help anyway.

    asfberg gave me the answer though! amido is the answer ehehe.

    thanks a lot for all your help.

    gonna buy some starch now :P

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  3. ok, before you start flaming me with "use the search button, noob" sentences, i must say that i used it, and read throughout the whole threads about starch in the hope to see something that would help me.

    the thing is, i am portuguese, and although i have a degree in english, i have no idea of what starch actually is, and i am not able to find the literal translation to portuguese, mainly due to the fact that the only dictionary that i currently have at home is a quite basic one.

    so, i would like the know what is the actual usage of the starch so i can ask for it at a local drugstore or something.

    i also considered doing the home made starch, but i dont know what corn starch is either.

    anyone here willing to help me out in this language barrier ?


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  4. minya:

    I basically rock my jeans like deus rocks his lol, low waisted and relaxed, i wouldn't call it baggy.

    japanese lot 2000 and european lot 0331 are more fitted models, but since i don't like my jeans fitted and i love evisu vintage cut and lot 2001 since day one, i never tried on a pair, so i can't really tell you nothing about the cut on a personal view.

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  5. yes, evisu still has one of the best denim in my humble opinion.

    i have 4 pairs of evisu jeans and that's what i wear everyday basically, it's nice to find a fellow evisu lover in this forum which seems to have lots of people not liking evisu.

    yes, i also hate the evisu european mainline and evisu eu ed, but the heritage line is still doing good stuff. actually, the third pair deus posted is an european edition, so you can see there are nice evisu's europe.

    i think denim heads don't care much about evisu nowadays because american mainstream jumped on evisu bandwagon, people whom don't really care about denim quality and are buying the jeans for the sole reason of those back pocket designs, therefore, there haven't been much photos of worn in evisu's like deus posted to show the denim heads what evisu quality is all about.

    now, addressed to deus:

    why do you say it was a mistake not to cold soak the first pair you showed before starting to wear it? i like the feeling of wearing raw denim a lot (probably the only on this board to think this way lol)

    and do you think using starch really played a big role in that fading you got?

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  6. that diacock pair you posted is also fake.

    the other pair you claim to have, and have not posted pics yet, is a limited edition pair which initially retailed for 500 dollars+(although u can find them much cheaper now cuz they didn't sell too well...for obvious reasons if you look at them lol), so i bet that pair is also fake. no shop that sells fakes would be able to get their hands on a pair of those from their "distributor".

    if you think those are top quality, wait until you actually manage to get your hands on a real pair of evisu jeans lol.

    but i highly doubt they are top quality...people who buy fake evisu know they are buying denim from a top brand, so they assume that is what top quality denim is supposed to look and feel like. kinda sad to tell the truth

    Stand tall or don't stand at all

  7. if you got those from the store where you git your previous evisu jeans, chances are your other evisu's are fake too.and for your information, lot 0331 are supposed to be a slim fit, not a looser fit

    Stand tall or don't stand at all

    Edited by Egpt on Apr 26, 2006 at 10:03 AM

  8. thanks PaulT. i have decided not to go for the 33 model though. i found out they are actually lightweight denim when i tried them on and i like my jeans to be heavier, even for the summer. i guess i am now trying to decide the 44 or 47's, i really dunno which one to choose :x. i guess i will be waiting until i can actually try the jeans on somewhere,

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  9. thanks for your answers people :). paulT since you seem to be the levi's expert in here, can you tell me what to expect in a pair marked irregular by levi's? are there really that much significant flaws in them?

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  10. yeah, i only noticed now that these 33's don't have the suspender buttons, but i found a clearer image of the pair of rakuten:


    i also find the selvage bizarre looking, but if you look closely you can also see it on the rajuten page. it also has a close up photo of the waist and it shows that the holes left by the suspender buttons where sewn up.

    so, what do you think?authentic or not?

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  11. all my selvage, raw denim pairs of jeans are evisu's vintage cut(i have 4 pairs and had 2 more in the past) and that's all about my selvage jeans experience.

    i have been wanting to buy a pair of lvc for some time now, but i never did it cuz i didn't have a clue on what model to choose. today i tried a friend's of mine lvc 501xx 1933, and i liked the fit a lot, except for the fact that they are too large for my taste in the ankle.

    my question is, what is the closest lvc model to evisu's vintage cut? i have found this to be the cut that i like most by far, and if i am going to buy a pair of lvc i wanted the fit to be something like the pairs i already have and like.

    hope that someone can help me out in this. thanks :)

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  12. antihelt, you are wrong. www.evisu.com is indeed an international site, but only for the european models of evisu, like the heritage line, men's mainline and E.E.E.

    the japanese models are from the japanese team, they have nothing to do with thew people you mail them too. back in the day, when they still answered the mails asking whether stuff was real or fake, they said all Japanese models were fake HAHAHA. basically, they have no knowledge on the japanese models authenticity, and they are only interessed in marketing their own products(heritage,mainline,EEE, EV genes)

    the dudes that answer your mails at evisu are basically a bit retarded, and yes, the jeans that you ordered are indeed authentic, although i must say those kinda of models are the ones that make me wonder how much pot do evisu designers smoke before designing new stuff. i love their quality and the basic old school jeans they have, but 99% of the new designs they come up with are pure bullshit. i also only like the denim from heritage models and japanese nº1 or nº2, all the rest is crap.

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