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  1. i can, and will deny quality. i am not saying quality is bad, but it sure isn´t on pair with the brands we talk about over here. i say this because i read on the hundreds blog that the denim comes from the same mills as the hundreds "paint jean" and the denim on those didn´t look specially nice.

    the cut looks sawful also.

    the designs on the backpockets and such, suck big time.

    so, no, it is not a big denim news and we are not excited about it.

  2. when looking for some expensive stuff on ebay that has many fakes floating around, i used the same modus operandis as ever, so i made the search for gucci belts and then arranged it to show the highest price first. i came up with a lot of belts from german sellers, and i like two of them:


    and this one:


    the price seems nice, but not too good to be true like if it was a fake, so i wanted to know if someone can tell me if these belts are indeed authentic. my gucci experience stops at sunglasses, so i dunno what to think of these belts.


  3. so antihelt, u say the leg opening on those is bigger than on evisu lot 0001?

    i was considering buying a pair of those, but i think the leg opening on the evisu´s is just perfect, bigger than that would ruin a pair of jeans for me

    about the fit on you, imo they are just perfect

  4. Thanks the denim on these is so different than the redline stuff. The color is different and they fade much different. Here are some well worn 20s 201s 555 on e-bay right now.


    nice, i liked your posts a lot.

    some of the info i was needing on LVC.

    you don´t happen to have any personal experience with evisu jeans do you? i wanted to know what would be the model that would resemble most to the fit on evisu´s lot 0001 from europe.

    that 201 fit looks sweet, although i think i would like the backpockets to be sewn a bit lower on the jeans.

    how do these fit in comparison to a pair of 501 1933? i have tried a pair of these on, and i thought they were a little too baggy on the legs and the leg opening to be a bit wider than what i would wish. i still liked the 1933 a lot, but they were not what i consider to be the perfect fit to me, which means evisu lot 0001 or japanese lot 2001.

    would you please post a pic of you wearing those 201 so i could get a better idea of how they fit?

    thanks !

  5. i like the first one a lot.

    where you got those pics, i think i am really interested in one.

    i´m located in europe though

    Stand tall or don't stand at all

  6. the only pair of sunglasses i would pay 750+ dollars are the LV millionaires that pharrell and kanye west usually wear. i honestly think those are the best sunglasses ever made, i´m not really much of a hypebeast on what i like to wear, so it has nothing to do with the fact that pharrell wears them.

    other than that, i get all gucci, dolce gabbana, dior etc etc sunglasses for about 100/140 bucks, depending on the model, cuz a friend of mine owns a sunglasses shop, and that´s the highest i have payed so far for a pair

    Stand tall or don't stand at all

  7. Quote:

    ^this is L.

    --- Original message by sXXXe on Jun 12, 2006 10:02 AM

    wow, are you serious?size large stussy t-shirt u are wearing on that pic?do you always buy size large from stussy?did u tailor the t-shirt or something?

    do you mind telling me how tall are you?in centimeters please :P, since you´r from germany i think you also use centimeters over there.

    i always thought u wore size S or something considering you use a 31 waist in diors :o

    Stand tall or don't stand at all

  8. Quote:






    dior raw 19cm.

    i love it!!

    --- Original message by sXXXe on Jun 10, 2006 02:20 AM

    it´s a pity those aren´t selvage, but daaaamnnnn they look nice.

    how much you payed for them?

    Stand tall or don't stand at all

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