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  1. On 9/23/2020 at 6:56 PM, cheapmuthafukr said:

    Still finding crazy stuff at thrift stores... recently was 2 pair of John lobb for $3 a piece

    Found a pair of brand new 45rpm jeans for 15 dollars at a thrift store, logged back to SuFu to dig some info on them, and it then turned into lurking. It's a pleasant surprise to see so many OGs here.

  2. Supertalk could have become even bigger, were it not for the banning tyranny that moderators went through at the very peak of humour and content in here.

    Facebook did not hoover any users whatsoever, the moderation on the forum at a certain point in time just blew everyone away and it was a damn shame.

  3. I understand the price question and for me it's more about knowing you're getting a good deal when compared to similar artists more than being cheap. I do that with pretty much everything I buy, I like to research it and I don't really find it offending.


    Got a quote locally for something I want done from an artist i like, would probably take 1 to  2 hours to get done, quote was 200-300 euros, which made me wonder if it was just worth it instead to book a trip to berlin and get it done there. I wonder how much Philippe Fernandez or one of the other AKA residents would charge for something similar. Any ideias?

  4. I just want to add that even though i'm a huge supporter of tinder, nothing really beats approaching women in real life. You know exactly what they look, sound and move, nothing beats that. Unfortunate revelations might come to you when you meet someone on Tinder and they turn out to be completely different from what you imagined (hasn't happened yet though). Funniest thing so far was telling a girl i wouldn't have internet available so she would need to text me when she was ready to meet me that day, and...she sent a whatsapp message. She obviously turned out not be the smartest person I have ever met to say the least.

  5. i haven't been to many places other than finland, russia, sweden, america


    so my experience would be limited in that dept

    But yeah, walking around downtown Helsinki is quite the experience i must say. specially shop assistants in certain stores. I have the hugest crush on one for like 3 years now, never saw her outside work even though I know we share friends. bummer

  6. I was looking at the first picture and playing detective in my own mind saying this was in Finland for sure due to the window setup. Then i looked at your profile info and realised the answer was right in front of my face anyway.


    Just moved into this. I designed the whole apartment, what you think about it?
    Sure it's small but gotta start somewhere.... This is my first own apartment, I only have rented before. :)


  7. Tinder has been good to me too. Currently I have a Tinder hook up looking like it might become a real relationship and I've made a few fuck buddies as well. But like Egpt said there's a lot of variables.

    Funny thing is, we are using tinder in the same place. You know about that right? ahah


    just throwing it out there. ime tinder is easy to get dates, but it's mostly a waste of time because there's no incentive to continue getting to know each other. a lot of girls will be new to your area looking for tour guides, girls looking to find friends, girls who just like to meet new people, whatever. it's a high variance place to meet females is all. better than nothing, but as always life will throw you curves you gotta be open to. i have absolutely zero online dating experience, but don't get your hopes up with the tinder is all. but i'm probably just an asshole anyway so whatev



    (all anecdotal and small sample size)

    I've been on tinder for 2 and a half weeks and I have the complete opposite experience to yours. Could have gotten into a relationship easily already, not even gonna talk about numbers because that's just silly. Let's just say Tinder has been keeping me quite busy. Hell I even made what I think will become a great girl friend.


    I think it's also highly dependant on the country you're living in to begin with, your personality and a lot of other variables. For me it has been feeling like playing Bushido Blade with god mode on.

  9. It is, but we have very little inequality, so a minimum wage earner in Denmark can in no way be compared to a minimum wage earner in Canada. I'd wager a sales assistant would have USD 3000 after taxes and Bai probably makes another grand on top of that. Also he used to work for ParisTexas (sold all the brands you ever want to own), where he probably got a hefty discount.

    there's no way a sales assistant in denmark makes that after taxes. 3000 before taxes is a more realistic expectation, but still, invest some, don't spend too much money on drinking, have some part time hustles on the side, invest some more, and you can easily afford any material things you need after a couple of years. Besides, people in fashion industry don't pay retail on anything, 30 to 40% discount at least + the random giveaway adds up to quite a nice saving if you spent a lot on fashion to begin with.

  10. Those eyeglasses scream 4 cats.

    it comes down to a monkeysphere problem, 2 is where i draw the line for myself with my current living arrangement. i could see myself accommodating three. anything beyond this is slightly questionable because there would not be enough of me to divide my affections between the lot of them. would bet that dane has at least one, but unsure of how this relates to her habit of wearing clothes a few sizes too small..

  11. Everytime i see someone wearing y's sneakers on the forum i get pissed for not picking up the cp soled sneakers he was doing a few years back, he had like 4 or 5 different models that were beautiful. Only place i ever saw them was on yoox going for dirty cheap but i had bought a couple of cp's at that time and thought it would be a bit overkill to buy more shoes at that point. 

  12. You can't push the rest of the books in while you pull the one you want out of the shelf at the same time? It's like what? 8 books max per shelf depending on their size? I have one of the big sapiens and never had a problem using it.

    to be fair the stacking makes it kinda annoying to get at the books at the bottom. picking things arbitrarily from the dwr catalog is not ok tho

  13. How the fuck are you even back on the forum after the shitstorm you caused?

    -Have a Seattle Sufu meetup with at least 5 people

    -Adjust sleep schedule to wake up at 7AM each day

    -Go to the gym 4 days a week

    -Apply, secure, and commute to a second job in downtown Seattle

    -Turn that second job into my new full-time job

    -Earn enough to move out and find a house with roommates or a small apartment

    -Continue to try new recipes while baking and cooking

    -Purchase more Stone Island Shadow Project and experiment with the PARSEQ system

    -Take the train to Vancouver to visit Haven, Inventory and the Vancouver sufu members

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