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  1. How much are denime's going for these days? i know of a shop that has a couple of models from like 10 years ago in small sizes like 30 and 29.

  2. i didn't notice hate for new ros...just most recently those fake ioffer ones

    the distain for flyknits is probably more site socio-politics. not that they're that that terrible, but it's about what they represent. what they symbolize.

    yeah birkenstocks have that dirty phish listen granola eatin petuli wearin new hippy connotation, but this is only in america. in other parts of the world birkenstock is cool not to mention does collabs w/ certain designers/labels that alot sufu fanboys love and kop-rock.  with exception of that p. lims of years back...that was u.s.a. i think

    but anyway i haven't seen any "cool" birks worn here. no collabs, no jp model not even tatami.

    Where is birkenstock outside the US cool? Just curious because i find them just a step up from crocs and never saw anyone doing anything but ridicule them.

  3. reason #45362 the old rep system was better: regular users get really mad seeing how much can go to shitty posts. Rep works better as a private high five than a public post-by-post popularity contest.

    she doesn't even get that much rep lol, that is definitely not the basis as to how retarded i find her online presence. if rep was hidden i would still find it fucking stupid.

  4. ain't nobody complaining but that picture is literally the definition of a vag-rep-trap. Just saying theres better ways to flaunt ur body to random guys on the internet than the wdywt.

    Well, you should have been here a few years ago when she was posting nudes and bragging how her boyfriend satisfied her in bed( he was also a forum member). although i can't see the pic, i don't think it's possible to be more attention whoring than previously.

  5. Hey merry burguer, you can't afford your own clothes or is it just a desperate attempt to gather rep the fact that in every single one of your posts you make to sure to be wearing some dude's clothes and use his username? I just don't get it and i'm slightly curious about it.

  6. You sir are a fucking idiot. Does it look like fam0us fall under the intelligent spending category when he is wearing gold chains and is popping bottles of champagne at a club? Believe me, i am more aware of how frugal extremely rich people are than i would like to ahahah, but this guy isn't rich, he's just nouveau riche living for appearances.

  7. I know you're obviously not serious about the surfboard comment

    As far as wet suits... That Billabong one is one of the best ones out/great features for the price range.

    Actually got a deal on it, 30% off $309.99


    The idea of someone who owns a bentley and looks for good deals on a 300 dollar wetsuit is just hilarious to me.

  8. tumblr is full of suburban people dreaming about living in the big city, that's what cool looks like to them. Skating on a shortboard with heeled shoes is just fucking hilarious to me, i would put a like on it just to laugh about it when i see it on my history.

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