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  1. Its your call. I just feel that as one ball player to another I find high bar and pendlay to be more sports specific. High bar + front squats esp has made my vertical and 40m dash improve by lot.

    If after a couple of months i feel like i'm stalling or not making as much progression as i would like to i will give this a try though. thanks for the suggestion.

  2. I think these small changes at a powerlifting beginner level are just minimal, i might as well just stick to the program as is instead of trying to tune up things. pendlays seem like they isolate muscles more because u are keeping ur bar straight throughout the motion, i might as well do barbell rows and get a better general body exercise.

    From a physics POV, i assume the low bar squat engages the upper body more than the high bar, so i am also sticking with the former. mind that legs are the thing that i feel i need less concentrating on because they are by far the muscles in my body i have more strength in considering the conditioning i was required to do for my volleyball team which had strong emphasis on making us jump higher. Breaking parallel on the squats with low bar seems more than enough for me on squats specially considering i will be doing 3 times a week. combine this with the weekly basketball and boxing practice i usually engage in and it's more than enough.

    I thank you for suggestions but i think that this powerlifting thing when it comes to these small details do barely any difference whatsoever. just get your ass in the gym when you have to, achieve proper form and results will come. spending too much time switching programs and questioning them just hinders progression.

  3. i think oly back squats are part of the stronglifts 5 x 5 program? either that or i am completely clueless about the differences between the 2.

    aren't pendlays essentially the same as barbell rows?

  4. I will preface this by saying that I work for Left Field, but I wear our black denim every day, and I really haven't really worn a better pair of pants.  I like the pants from Acne, but I don't think the quality of the fabrics really compares.  Next restock in a few weeks will have all black hardware.

    I don't think Acne is good benchmark for quality in anything. it's not terrible, but not good either. The only exception in terms of jeans in my experience is a pair of jet black jeans in a model called snake that they do not do anymore. i have been wearing them like 5 times a week for the last 2 years and they have held up perfectly. what i love about them is all the hidden detailing, no side or backpocket stitching is exposed and no rivets are present. the pockets aren't even top stiched, just folded in, best jeans i have worn really. Speaking on left field, ihad never seen the brand before, but the chelsea jeans seem extremely appealing, might give them a try in the near future in one of the colors available.

  5. starting with Stronglifts 5x5 this next week. i'm in the worst shape i have ever been and i used sports very regularly a few years ago and played competitively volleyball for 7 years during youth and even though i would be able to lift way more than it is required in the initial stages of the program i don't have any ego trips so i might as well start at the bottom and aim for a good form because i never did any of the exercises in the program regularly besides bench presses. I am also recovering from a bad wrist injury so i definitely should avoid overloading at all costs. We will see how it goes, i guess i will lose weight and gain muscle mass much faster than total beginners due to having been in quite good shape before.I will be following the program religiously as suggested by mehdi or what his name is.

    My biggest motivation is feeling i am much slower playing basketball and volleyball when i get to do it lately, i think this will help make a big improvement.

  6. i dunno. oversized cardigan could be okay but it's out of whack considering everything else...

    basically the coherence that's going on makes him look like (i repeat) topshop/zara/forever 21 target market.

    whatever, i give up nao~

    hence the reason why i said "and not in a good way"

  7. constructive criticism: cardigan is way too big for you, you can tell by the way it sits on your shoulders and wrists. the t-shirt looks really awkward, like it's too wide and short but i'm not sure because of the framing of the pics. nothing really wrong with the bottom half i guess, but the top is severely out of proportions and not in a good way. and i kinda dislike every single item you are wearing by their own, but i guess that comes to personal taste. at least the jeans seem to fit fine.

  8. Keep mobbin these streets with your son. My dad left me when I was around his age. All of the pics of partying with soulless la whores at wack clubs don't amount to the smile on that kids face.


    The kid is happy because he has entered the only space where daddy seems to spend money on/care about. always a "don't give a fuck about spending money on my home because no one can see it anyway/ not flashy enough" concept.

  9. Kids? I'm 18 man, and 5' 11''. Like I said, bad angle.

    Damn, 18, we got an OG here.

    I also find it amazing that Slimane is still getting away with the shit profile sneakers from dior homme era, that was by far the worst part of his collections. Those proportions are so fucking feminine with the slim silhouette and slim soles, it doesn't look good at all.

  10. djrajio-san, how to stop girl (who had a fling with you) from liking you/ trying to make it a long term thing?


    Tell her you want to be her gay best friend, duh.

    Edit: Or just kill her, has worked for me in the past.

  11. but i am unemployed, a skater, and trying to clean up te slob thing... shit... i just got out of the shower.


    lately tho, i realized that no one wants to see an unemployed over 30 skater slob post pictures of himself on the internet, so ive refrained from that. ive taken the time to go to school and build up bikes for my whole family. its been pretty cool.


    but yeah, id rather you know it was me from 100 feet(not by the smell hopefuly) even if i do look like someone desprately hanging on to the trappings of my youth, than to look like everyfuckingone else. fashinz is cool and all, but people from the past that we look to as style icons didnt need it... it wasnt about what they wore but how they wore it, and made it personal.

    It wasn't by chance that i used your profile info to do that post, i knew you would take it as tongue in cheek, seems like some dudes just got their panties up in a bunch and tried to white knight you.

    More seriously, i was just trying to say that it's ok to experiment and try new things as long as you don't look foolish (or fashinz as you put it). Basically i agree with fuuma's post entirely, dressing in a way that wouldn't embarrass yourself in 3 years is a really stupid goal to strive for and just hinders your personal style progression.

    Build me a bike while you're at it.

  12. is that a good thing tho... obviously some things you wear will be different, but i think having a cohesive style over the years is something to strive for.

    Not if cohesive stands for dressing like a desperate unemployed skater slob when you're over 30.

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