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  1. 81 posts? i remember ur avatar, are you the guy from vienna i sold some HV t-shirt back in the day? you got banned or something? can't remember the username i'm thinking about right now.

  2. i feel like i'm in a discussion with a guy who makes irrelevant similes to try and look cool in front of his internet friends

    what internet friends? you're so clueless.I dislike the way your boyfriend dresses, deal with it. next time use your real account while you're at it.

  3. do i have to look cool to have an opinion

    I feel like i'm in a discussion with a senile elderly man where i say "potatoes" and he hears "rice".

  4. what do those pictures he makes have to do with how he dresses

    This is a forum and you are judged based on what you contribute to it, my point was that he was an obnoxious user up until now. Excellent first post, welcome to sufu knight in shining armour.

  5. Tinfoil is the epitome of "dressed by the internet" and looks horrible and awkward as hell, on the same level as doctorworm's head to toe supreme oufits taken in suburban america from back in the day, but at least this guy is funny as hell. Congratulations tinfoil

  6. I can almost bet you are russian judging by your emoticons. can you please explain to me why you guys are too lazy to type ":)" and instead just go for ")" ? i never ever understood that and it really bothers me.

  7. Wing 1w9 - 16.3

    Wing 9w1 - 15.7

    Wing 9w8 - 14.5

    Wing 1w2 - 14.3

    Wing 7w8 - 14.2

    I don't know about this test, i'm far from being a peacemaker, I tend to speak my mind more often that not regardless of the expected reaction so while i am an optimistic person i definitely do not avoid conflicts.1 is pretty spot on though.

    how do we delete posts? i quoted my post instead of editing and only noticed after i sent it in.

  8. When bros think they look cool and start spending money on clothes, that shit on the video happens. They even have the skinny awkward guy to bully around so that they feel even cooler. Someone teach that tool how to smoke while you're at it.

  9. "folks that truly know me" comparable to "follow my life via twitter" lol

    I hope you realize you just knocked yourself down a few notches in the "great dad" category with that comment, "i was/am a better dad than yours was to you/most".. ain't no good dad going to talk shit about another guy's dad he hasn't even met.

    u just jelly cuz daddy didn't put your life up on his twitter.

  10. Thinking about dropping a G, on this.

    what do people think of it/really am wondering quality vs price on Givenchy

    and considering waiting for another ma1 miles cheaper if not worth the investment


    Hey Kanye, why do you come to superfuture to ask for advice? I thought you knew it all.

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