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  1. Syd-Arthur-001.jpg


    Syd Arthur looking good here. i like how they look like they are decked out in number nine even though they aren't and probably don't give a flying fuck about fashions in the first place.


    They make fucking awesome music too, think that helps and i might be a bit biased due to it.

  2. Sorry man, i pulled a ronnel and didn't read the post and went straight for the pictures.


    Yeah i remember that, can't really agree but i guess if by seeing just one or two pictures of me i can understand the association (can't really remember what i posted on sufu back then)

    yeah.  i already said weller tho.


    i think i told u that u look like twins in blonde redhead


  3. Jacket is way too big. I know it's grail status, but if the smallest size of it still looks like Wu-Tang leather jacket steeze in the 90's you might as well not buy it. There are very few things that look worse than a leather jacket, specially a perfecto, that isn't sized properly (tight) on you.

  4. Ronnel just looks for the smallest pond so he can try to be the biggest fish

    I bet he is huge in Niketalk and Hypebeast. I'm not gonna spend 10 minutes searching for that answer even though it would probably be super easy or else angry brows will go mental and say I have too much free-time or something along those lines, and truthfully i look for his approval in everything i do in life so i don't want to disappoint him too much. Besides I don't want to ruin my chances on getting a good deal on a jesus piece from LAX Jewellery. (10)

  5. I don't know what's up with you and the whole loser/nerd thing, you're the one spending the most time and effort in this thread therefore you're kinda losing on your argument from the get go. You also seem to be extremely caught up with the fact that people actually care about you. You're delusional man, i waste like 5 to 10 minutes on your ass when i read this thread and i find you fucking entertaining, it's the whole train-wreck analogy where you don't really want to see it but at the same time you can't not look.


    The fact that you label googling a club name in a pic and looking into first hit which is on yelp as "detective work" just shows how much of a simpleton you are.


    Basically you keep reenforcing the idea that I always had that i never want to bother going to L.A. unless i am absolutely required to, so in that sense i guess i can file you as educational. Thank you King Angry Bird. 

  6. You actually decided to look through allllllllllllllll those reviews on Yelp to post this?

    What a fucking loser/nerd


    Took me all of 5 minutes of my life to read through it. I know it's probably impressive considering you most likely never read an entire book in your life and probably have a lower attention span than your son, but i swear if you're used to reading you actually read fast!!!

  7. Before I went here I checked Yelp! and noticed a discrepancy among the reviews. I think I have figured out why.

    It takes a certain kind of person to enjoy Playhouse. I've compiled a check list of qualities, and if you identify with more than 50% of them then you will probably love Playhouse. 

    You will like Playhouse if...

    -GTL means something to you
    -You think Vegas is a good and classy time
    -You think PF Chang's is a fancy restaurant
    -You have money to spend and don't know where or how to spend it
    -You have never been to a club before
    -You have tribal tattoos
    -Jersey Shore is your favorite TV show
    -You wear fake eyelashes and nails all day, every day.
    -You say you're a model because you made a ModelMayhem profile
    -You feel special sitting on the second floor looking down at those who don't waste their money on bottle service
    -You still have a Myspace
    -You shop at Charlotte Russe or DEB on a regular basis
    -You have furry go-go boots
    -You're visiting LA and Googled 'where do celebs hang out?'
    -You like Jager bombs
    -You wear Ed Hardy or Affliction
    -Your dad didn't love you enough but your uncle loved you too much

    Now, I'm not judging. If any of those things apply to you then maybe you will love it, and I sincerely hope you have a good time. I, on the other hand, do not identify with many of the above qualities and there for I did not have a great time. 

    3 stars as opposed to 1 because I should have known better.

  8. tumblr_mp2evn35Hn1ru1qxto1_500.png


    random hat



    old thrifted jeans


    any chance u can provide me with the pattern for the bag? looks exactly like what i'm looking for but have been unable to find. i can buy the leather and make it myself with some friend's tools.

  9. That is, until you buy a pair of their dressier chukkas and the suede builds up holes in 3 different places within 5 wears of regular light walking with no abrasion contact whatsoever. I don't think i will be supporting CP anymore, buttero makes better looking sneakers with better construction and materials. Dress shoes from them definitely never again.


    I feel like a lot of people miss the point when they observe luxury goods.

    For example...

    A lot of CP's design philosophy is to produce otherwise 'simple' and 'timeless' pieces using higher quality materials and improved workmanship so as to produce a more satisfying product. Keeping this in mind the price can be justified but ofc. how each person perceives 'worth' is probably signifcantly different to how the next person may perceive it.
    Hence; deriving the source of Common Project's inspiration and indulging in that instead sort of destroies the point (in my opinion) but ofc. again everyone have their own opinion on 'worth'.

    This can't be said for all 'luxury' labels or designers but is certainly something to keep in mind when handling or speculating similar goods.

  10. Got an email from northwest. Trying to work things out with him now. Please be patient.

    If you have received a refund you will need to let me know before I can send you your hat.

    I will have a record of who got their refunds because northwest will have records of it.


    More details when I have them.

    I wonder what that douchebag's excuse was.

  11. In sufu chat he once told me his work place was in some traditional menswear store in washington. He has been working there for a few years from what he said so maybe it's easy to "reach" him at the store. I cannot recall the name nor do I keep a browser history, but maybe this will trigger some memories on someone else that will be able to remember the store's name.

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