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  1. I don't understand how anyone can make any other assumption on the timeline considering his previous post where he says that he stopped using coke 3 weeks ago and is more sober than he has been in the last 5 years.


    i understood what he meant just fine?

  2. Well, your written english sincerely sucks then.


    Good that things are not the way you made them look like from your posts then. I'm glad you're a straight up dude at least to that degree.


    Egpt, you got it all wrong. Your perception of my timeline is backwards and upside down. I am talking a time frame of over ten years here dude. 


    I could sit here and try and explain it to ya, but your assumptions as to what you read make me laugh. 


    Thanks to kindofyoung for seeing what I wrote for what it was and backing me up. 

  3. He stopped using coke 3 weeks ago. Been married for 8 months and I assume dated her for a while before. Regarding the cash I don't understand how you fail a business venture and end up with extra cash. He says he doesn't want to fuck around that much anymore which makes it clear he does cheat on her regularly.


    From what he wrote, you're the one getting wrong, dunno how you can interpret it any other way.


    I'm pretty sure you got the timeline all wrong egpt

    He started using coke because he got laid
    Then he closed his shop, leaving him with cash and free time and that was probably the bottom of his "slump"
    Then things were looking brighter since he got a new job that he liked
    And then finally he met a woman he loved and married, and I'm guessing that's what finally made him quit coke, which is a superb reason to feel lucky for her in my opinion

    Anyway that's atleast how I understood the post

  4. I don't want to discourage the confessional nature of this thread but there's so much weird shit just on this post alone.


    Basically you had extra cash after failing one business venture? You have been cheating continuously on your now wife over the last few years? Coke was good because it usually leads to you getting laid, even though you're in a relationship? Then you say you feel lucky for having that woman?


    I think drug use is the least of your problems to be honest...


    I can't say I had a problem, but more of a habit. I started using coke, or seeing it with less destain when I was about 23 and noticed that when you are chilling with a girl and she says: "lets get some blow", you will usually end up getting laid. So to answer your question, thats how coke started to seem like a option to me, and made it's cost a bit more rational or pleasing in the long run of getting to smash. 


    I have been in a slump these past couple years; since I had to close my shop in 2011. The free time and excess cash, left me a lot of time to booze and sniff and just waste time. 


    Things in my life have changed for the better since the "slump" started, and have continually gotten better, as I have been working on making it better (as I also happened to keep partying way too much).


    So recently, I got a new photography job which has made me feel a lot better about the work side of things. Got married about 8 months ago and feel really lucky for my woman. And have just seen more reason to not fuck around so much, as their are other things to put my energy in to than being a animal all the time.


    For me it was a collision of events which lead to me to want to live sober for a while and see what good can come of it. I do not want to live in Amsterdam for much longer, and need to start making more moves to the future, instead of just living in the now. 


    Sorry for the novel. 

  5. Just get some ikea hardwood countertop cut to the size you wish and screw 4 hairpin legs to it. I guess you could also do the same for some lacquered countertop if hardwood is really not your thing.


    Spoona, that one kind of fits the bill. Not a huge fan of the hardwood top but I probably settle on getting that. Really want one of their vapor chairs. Taking a tour of DWR too.

    I am going to look up on ebay for old library drawers to see if they can fit my games.

  6. If you gonna make product shots trying to raise funds at least make sure the products are defect free. The foxing is so uneven it makes me cringe. Should have focused more on quality management and design iteration instead of gimmicks like shredded US currency or linen shoe bags. 

  7. My comment was directed towards the brand in general and not the jacket in particular. The perfecto is far from offensive, but a schott would look a lot better. I think that was the one I handled in person, I didn't like the details or proportions but that is entirely personal taste. The leather felt nice though.

  8. Yes, counterfeiters can easily make selvage denim you dumb fuck.

    Have you ever seen a COUNTERFEITER making a true selvedge denim... no.. no you haven't. to be clear once again. that's the whole basis of the argument. Sure I seen a lot of sewn on garbage ect.. But nothing real ... by a knockoff..... 

  9. You sir are, for a lack of better word, fucking stupid. I am not handling the product in person and not knowing the model in detail as i would have for any pair of evisu's released pre 2006 is the only reason i ahd reservations about what i said. The fact that you think that selvage or detail is the give away in fakes just makes you completely unaware of where selvage comes from and how easy it is to achieve. You are talking to someone that has actually bought 2 pairs of fake evisu in the past just for sheer curiosity of handling them in person to see what were the give aways, I then donated them and probably made some hoodlum happy to wear something jay-z was wearing on his videos. The only reason i knew from the get go they were fake was because i knew they were models whose details didn't add up to the authentic one as it was being sold. Want to know what the give aways were? just handling the denim in person due to shorter cotton fibers and overall worse quality than evisu puts out, but i can assure you that detail wise, in terms of aesthetics, fakes can easily be done. Selvedge only means it was made in a particular kind of looming machine, machines which can be purchased brand spanking new from companies that are in the business, that's why there are brands like naked and famous, gap, uniqlo that can make selvedge denim at much lower costs.


    What you are failing to realize is that I have been on your side from the start, and due to an unreasonable amount of lack of reading comprehension on your part you failed to realize it. I hope you're not a native english speaker for your own sake.


    Now kindly go fuck yourself you clueless asshole.

    and your general thought on the authenticity.. not here to waste space myself but why even reply with that???.. on both replies. as the second guy clearly dose not have much to say on either of his either.. clearly they are authentic.. I do not need thought out feeling of what you believe, just facts kindly... authentic or fake... egpt you don't know enough about denim if you are not confident.. hence don't even reply... make sense? HAS ANYONE EVER SEEN KNOCKOFFS WITH SUCH SELVEDGE OR DETAIL... NO ...  you know why.... because it would not be worth a counterfeiters time or money to reproduce such quality. thanks for all the true members who view this forum daily to take a minute of their time to weigh in.. much appreciated.. to guys such as crash... devilva.. much respect, from one connoisseur to another:)

  10. If this was 6 years ago i would have given you a 100% certain answer, but i haven't kept up with evisu and when they changed the seagull shape on the japanese versions to be more in line with the european ones i was done with the company for good. I do recall evisu europe doing some silly sub branding as deluxe for one season and one model didn't have any stitching or paint on its pockets.


    Even though i don't recall that particular model very clearly and i have never seen that selvage type in evisu's before, the evisu authentic faded denim does look the way that listing portrays it, the inside tags look completely legit, they have hidden rivets and the buttons look authentic. I would say you're safe.


    Don't bother contacting evisu.com because they have no clue what they are talking about most of the time. Basically the company has created so many failed sub brands for no reason and with slights detailing differences that anything that is older than 2004 or comes from japan they will say it's fake or don't know about it

  11. Glad you have seen the light.

    So I originally disagreed with others who hated the visvim heads on here because I'm a fan of the brand myself but some of the vis ppl have the worst behavior. I offered above retail on a jacket and this guy comes back swinging all pissed off calling me a cheapass and a Jew because I would not raise my offer. I told him repeatedly that he was not obligated to sell to me and that's all I was willing to pay. Apparently they do not understand market transactions in trade school. 

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