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  1. Sent 30 January 2009 - 12:24 AM

    velvetant said

    I suppose you think you are funny it is funny giving me negative rep with the comment "This rep?". I joined this board in 2003, that is worth more than any of your god awful contributions around here. I wonder, why do you add your hotmail address to your profile when you go around giving bad rep and when hotmail accounts are so not secure?

    ahahah, thanks for the laugh.
  2. That reminds of a friend of mine who is surprised he is only getting entry level job offers (albeit not bad ones at all) even though he had been working as a researcher in university for 2 years. I told him working at the university is not real work experience and it is irrelevant to any company unless you were pursuing some extremely niche Phd area. Basically he thought he could apply for work saying he had 2 years work experience and get paid accordingly to that. He has been declining offers due to the fact that he feels he deserves more, i can see him crash and burning soon.

  3. I feel the same way as you about MBA. I'm more interested in being involved in small to medium sized companies where you can actually grow faster and learn the ropes of whatever business areas it involves due to the flatter hierarchy. For a while i thought i was hopefully gonna end up working on one of the big 4's, then i had friends going into there and i got a big reality check on how much it sucked.

  4. Uh? i never purchased rag and bone myself, but i know at least 1 factory where they make stuff for them and it's in Portugal.

    Rag & Bone is so meta its not even funny.

    Two british blokes come to America and rip-off American casual clothing.

    Then make that shit in China and sell it to the rest of the world as authentically American.


    *Still have love for Rag & Bone.

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