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  1. Thanks, I couldn't tell from that last picture whether it was a vest or not… (10)

    First jacket in the flat shots has sleeves that zip off to become a vest.

    edit: actually, looks like the jacket Jun is wearing has a grey front/green back, which seems reversed on all the other pics of the vest.

    you can't receive anymore pm's duck. yeah, it's just a different colorway i guess, i knew the jacket had a raglan zip in the sleever, i just didn't notice that in the picture that jun is wearing it as a vest you can see that the shoulder construction is done underneath the zip up sleeve, my bad

  2. http://www.lanvin.com/#/en/lanvin-today/lanvin-and-HM/sample-panic-attack

    this is humiliating and sad

    he is basically saying that whatever Lanvin charges thousands for can be reproduced at a fraction of the cost.

    if this were true, then Lanvin simply sucks at making clothes because they need to charge $2000 for an item that could be produced for $50. if its not true, then he basically lying or can't tell the difference between a mediocre and high-quality product.

    either way, my respect for Elbaz shrank immensly.

    wow ... definitely humiliating. he must be getting paid an insane amount of money to basically shit on his own brand.

    i always liked what Elbaz had to say from the few quotes of him that i read, and when i saw the first video for the h&m x lanvin collaboration i laughed at his statements, but this video is even worse. i really do not know what to say here.

  3. 4997886036_8a83c95d77_z.jpg

    need some help here... i don't know how in the hell it got into this knot in less than a day, i put it on this morning, and just looked down and it was like this.. anyone know how it got like this/i can undo it?

    *yeah, yeah, yeah... i'm wearing a "silly band"*

    i'm laughing so much right now.

    are you serious?

  4. On the basis of other watches w/ better movements, probably 50-66% more $.

    can you give some examples of cheaper watches with better movements? considering buying a black 100 series as a cheap watch because i have never seen a watch so cheap look that good. i rarely wear my breitling even though i love it.

  5. the company and guy offering me the position is a contact i've had for a number of years. but, i kind of knew going in it was more of a "welcome aboard" meeting than a formal job interview. if i was actually interviewing for a position i would've have no doubt been in much more than jeans and a button-up.

    i wouldn't be able to wear a shirt looking like that as a PJ, much less walking outside with it on.

  6. i am glad to know that you are still as stupid as the last time you were here.

    welcome back, keep posting please.

    I dropped a lemon on the floor that I was going to put into someone's iced tea today at work... and instead of using a new lemon slice, used the floored one. granted this was a fool that walked in the door 5 minutes til close, and he was sort of a demanding douchebagassholefuckwad... but he probably didn't deserve me giving him the silverware I accidentally dropped on the floor before having to rush to his table to give him a place setting.

    actually, fuck that. he deserved it. another good reason not to walk into a restaurant any later than 40 minutes til closing.

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