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  1. ordered the navy wool/mohair suit because the +J FW suit i got a few months ago is too warm to wear in the summer, hopefully it will fit pretty much the same which is awesome for the price point but will let you know my opinion about it when it gets to me.

    i also like that greenish/blueish colorway of the tech fabric bomber but i'm pretty sure that it will reach sale time so i'll wait.

  2. Sometimes I wish I had something else to look at in the picture rather than another mediocre outfit.

    does this mean that from now on you will choose interesting locations to shoot your photos so that we have something worthwhile to look at?

  3. winston6.jpg

    about 4 months of back. i began to pay more attention to my back. just protein. @150 pds.

    you're getting really imbalanced, there's a big asymmetry between your right and left arm, start compensating for it.

  4. well, we can see your cleavage which i guess was the only point of you posting that photo since the mirror was big enough for you to take a photo standing up straight.

    u cant rly see anything, but ok



    hanes x2



    was earlier to work

  5. I like everything about those HM chairs, except that the back of the chair angles too far back. Wish it was just a straight back.

    they don't have a straight back because a straight back chair, contrary to previous beliefs, kills your spine.

  6. checked out both uniqlos in london yesterday, they've got an old-man section up at the moment full of nice slim trousers and wool coats, duffles, peas, etc.

    they've gone crazy on flannel, and there's fucktons of fleece around the place. the knitwear looks good though, cable-knit wool cardigans for 30 quid. some £10 off dealio on the cashmere as well.

    lots of nice cheap warm socks, some new fleecy hats and scarves. oh and a restock of the synthetic leather vests and waistcoats in white and black.

    oh and also some 2 colour sweaters with raglan type sleeve thingies.

    is there no stock of +j stuff?

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