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  1. i'll have the measurements for you guys later tonight (it just happens to be the two pieces I picked up). Off hand, the dip dye hoodie runs a size big. I think I need to size down to a 46.

    ahah, that's great, those are the two pieces that i'm considering buying at this moment

  2. cote et ciel backpacks are great. bought one about 5 months ago and never regretted it for a sec. construction an aesthetically wise they're awesome, i was also skeptical about the fabric but so far it's holding up pretty good. they develop a few creases but nothing serious at all. i don't like the grey one because it has the contrasting black fabric on the straps and tag so i got the black one for myself.

    they are extremely comfortable too.

  3. hi

    i produce for a while a different syles of electronica music

    but still miss a good producer name

    i found it very hard to find a good name

    do you have any suggestions

    i really like all those indie bandnames

    i recommend Temple of Jawnz and BranesploadStoleMyBackpack is 2nd best.

  4. what brand cable are you using? turning on the mirror is the only thing you need to do.

    not always.

    for example, you select 1080p but your tv only supports 720p, the image won't be displayed.

  5. then im even more worried' date=' when i did that my screen went blue for a sec but nothing happened on the tv. maybe the cables to blame... i hope[/quote']

    maybe you're not using the appropriate resolution.

  6. I must confess I use Lynx deodorant (I think they call it Axe in the US?!?) and that unless I tell someone that it's Lynx, they think it smells nice.

    i hate any kind of deodorants or shower gel with smell . that's what perfumes are here for .

  7. They're really slim. Slimmer than the F/W shirts.

    There's a promotion for the entire +J line right now. Some great prices.

    to be honest, i got a size medium of a +j slim fit shirt from this season and it was a very relaxed cut, ended up giving it to a friend.

    cuffs only had a single button and therefore not adjustable and kinda wide to start with, sleeves were rather long and the chest size was average for a regular cut shirt and so was the waist. really disappointed with the fit.

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