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  1. I can get an Xbox with 2 games and also Jiu Jitsu Jawns (gi) or I can get a PS3 with 2 games and no Jiu Jitsu Jawns. Which should I get?

    videogames are EVUL and you end up wasting enormous amounts of time on them, spend money on something else.

  2. yo egpt i'm keen as mustard for those domas, been chasing them everywhere and they loook to be sold out.

    not to be an ass, but are they really in as good condition as you say?

    do the bottom of the lenses look dirty as shit, or is that just me?

    definitely keen if they're in good shape though.

    that's probably just some fingerprints made worse by lighting, i didn't even notice it before you mentioned it.

    trust me, they were literally worn 2 times veeeery lightly and are new, maybe i was lazy when taking them out of the box for photos and didn't even bother using the cleaning cloth on them.

    i understand you have found a pair already but this is just to clear up the same situation for other users.

  3. well at least I'm not a c**** like you. I was on crooked tongues(vuschka) when you probably still wet your nappies, I've been through all the NBHD/WTaps/Bape/Gooenough/HP blablabla shit,limited edition this n that AND I thought "random thoughts" is meant to be random thoughts which is basically some shit you just have on your mind. now go back to mama so she buys you something nice.

    so, you're dating 78 or milspex?

  4. today an acquaintance of mine saw me in a public bathroom and extended his hand to greet me while i was peeing on an urinal. i laughed and dude felt awkward as fuck after realizing what he had just done.

  5. anyone have a j+ dark grey or black blazer in sz M that would like to trade for a J+ dark grey wool blazer in sz S? =/

    dude, answer my q on your sale thread, i may be interested in the trousers.

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