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  1. Vintage trucker cap Vintage University of Akron tee Eddie Bauer, hemmed to shorts éS Pictures don't do it justice but the silver ink on this tee looks great in the sun.
  2. About 3 months of wear on my pair. Washed and tumble dried them probably 5 or 6 times. I think this fabric really lends itself to the heavily marbled look. The subtle slub is nice too. I really like what's going on with the back left pocket. The fly closeup is the most accurate for the shade of black that they're at.
  3. Today is his birthday so my brother finally got to see and try on the jeans. He said it's the best gift I've given him yet. I learned a couple weeks ago how a yoke is actually supposed to work, so there's a bit of bunching on the yoke that I wish they didn't have, but he doesn't care. I treated it like a single dart on the center back seam and did not put a curve in the pattern where it attached to the back panels. Lesson learned, and it also explains why the yoke on my pair is a little off too. Next pair will be better, and I'm already thinking about what I wanna do. He thinks the flaws are charming though, so he's happy. (Dorky shirt tuck was just to show the fit of the jeans)
  4. Who knows maybe one day when I'm jonesing for a new project I'll take the plunge
  5. @smoothsailor Looks like you brazed it--from what I understand that's at least the most straightforward since you don't need any welding setup, is that accurate or does brazing have its own complications? It's always been something in the back of my head too. Anything I'm passionate about I start to wonder if I could make my own, but the margin for error on a mountain bike frame could be a lot more catastrophic.
  6. Wow that's so sick! How'd you get into frame building?
  7. rbeck


    Those look so good. I love the bleached tab lol, wasn't expecting that.
  8. @LazyS Interesting. It isn't critical that that stitch holds the inner part of the waistband so maybe they never cared about it in the first place. @CSL i agree that that such you've highlighted is the most glaringly obvious one and also agree that I'd be questioning it if i were buying that jacket in the 40s.
  9. One sample is hardly enough to base the whole era on. Regardless, the back pockets and hems are pretty sloppy. Plus baby jeans are probably easier to keep straight on since the seams aren't as long. Here's some war era lees that it looks like they botched the waistband topstitching. The back side of the waistband shows the needle missed the inner edge of the waistband (pic 4). I'd say that isn't on target. Most other seams look pretty okay, but the backstitching in some places looks just as sloppy as the SC levis repros (check the pocket bag picture where the coin pocket stitches are apparent) . https://denimarchieves.com/e/vintage_and_old_denim_bottoms/lee_101b_wwii_en.html Lees of that era would have been union made where I don't think Levis ever was union? I wonder if that had an effect too? If you're union you wouldn't feel the same pressure to churn out pairs of jeans no matter the quality that non-union workers would, so quality may have improved from that? Purely speculation here.
  10. I just saw these wwii era Lee infant sized pants on instagram this morning and they also have sloppy stitching https://www.instagram.com/p/C7P6YH1vlce/?igsh=MWFodGNpMnZpaGh3Nw==
  11. I like the SC stuff better than that Full Count pair posted yesterday because at least they trimmed loose threads (aside from chainstitch runoff). Personally wouldn't wear either because they look more like homemade clothes than repros to the untrained eye. Appreciate the attention to detail though.
  12. Good color on those chucks
  13. Now this is getting out of hand
  14. Last two days. Today: vintage Crested Butte merchandise, diy jeans, etnies. Additional closeup of the diy jeans, I like how they're coming along. Yesterday: straight edge tee, Eddie Bauer (started off as pants but never liked the way they fit so I turned them into shorts), etnies.
  15. Yeah I still frequent the sub and try to help out as much as I can in the daily questions threads. I see @beautiful_FrEaK and @julian-wolf in the dq thread all the time too. I like that the wash/don't wash divide leans towards wash these days though. People post their jeans that haven't touched water in over a year and there's always (deserved) comments about stench. But you'll still have people show up accusing you of not showering enough if you suggest that washing monthly or so is the best way to prevent stinky jeans.
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