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  1. hudsonjames

    DWC2 - Final Submissions Thread

    Asking the important questions—appreciate ya Louis!
  2. hudsonjames

    New Contest Suggestions

    Just finished the DWC '17-19 and I'm interested in another competition. Personally I would be looking to spend around or under $200, so I'm not sure if I can necessarily participate ... Love the idea of same company, same fabric, different cuts.
  3. hudsonjames

    DWC2 - Final Submissions Thread

    Buckle up for a short(-ish) representation of a long journey How many photos is max per post? We'll find out... With my Pointer Brand Chore Coat that made the same 2-year journey: First gettin' dirty in Montana: Causin' trouble somewhere in Kentucky: Crackin' into some brews in North Carolina Levitating somewhere in Alabama Lookin' pretty in Arkansas Soarin' in Chattanooga, Tennessee!! Just a little lost, somewhere in Nashville Over a creek in Virginia (first time I saw some real evo!) En route from one place to another ... not sure where A mermaid I fell in love with in Florida Kayakin' with alligators and manatees in Blue Springs State Park, Florida Almost home at a truck stop in Montana Finally home, among my mountains Bein' a goof around my hometown Jeans lookin' JUICY after about a year and some change: A costume I wore in one of my last shows of college Start of the next tour! This one all over Montana Flyin' in Sidney, MT After exploring Makoshika State Park in eastern MT Hugging one of the 4,800+ students who I performed for over three months: If you made it this far, thanks for reading! This has been an incredible, formative, challenging and rewarding two years. I'm so grateful for my jeans, which have saved me from nasty bike wrecks, a piping-hot americano spill, and all kinds of frigid weather up here. Cheers friends
  4. hudsonjames

    DWC2 - Final Submissions Thread

    Hello friends! Two years, wow. Much has happened. So so so much has happened. Username: hudsonjames Country: The US of A Jeans: Sage 5th Chieftains, 18oz, unsanforized, Indonesian made These pants have been on quite a ride: - Two professional theatre tours - one national, one across Montana - The rehearsal process of seven separate shows - Actually worn on-stage as part of a costume for two shows - The birth of my best friend's child - The completion of my college education All along the way I've been snapping pics, and there are so f*cking many that I love. BUT, not everybody has time for that (even though it's part of it!), so first, here's just the beginning, and the end: Before the Fades Pocket Candy & Patch Initial fit (pre-soak, b/c unsanforized) After the Fades: I (foolishly) decided to take on all the repairs myself, here's the crotch after six (!) separate sashiko repairs: This is the current state of the right knee, with a repaired blow-out (after a bicycle wreck) and a new tear right above it (of course) Now for the juicy detail shots, including coin and back pockets, and Sage's lovely custom hardware: (See both the hidden and stealth arcuates? One is in dark blue, another is between the pocket denim and the pocket bag, hence that fade) Now, if you know anything about me, it's that I love action shots. These jeans are no exception. Check my post (below) for all that business.
  5. hudsonjames

    DWC2 - Photo Updates Thread

    This is my first ever fading contest and it really is incredible how it puts time into perspective. I'm stoked to get the final submissions going! Do y'all have any guidelines for a newbie on what submission should consist of? I'm going to do plenty of detail shots on the jeans themselves, but this pair has also been a lot of interesting places over the last few years (and gathered a lot of stories). Would a follow-up album be appropriate for those interested? Much love.
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