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  1. space_cowboy

    The Flat Head

    31 tagged size one washed, 31" before wear, about 32" now.
  2. space_cowboy

    The Flat Head

    @BrownMetallic Thanks for the tips! Will definitely try this out. So far the waist has stretched about 1", if I can get another inch of stretch like you say, I think I'll be sitting pretty.
  3. space_cowboy

    The Flat Head

    Those look amazing. Maybe I will give them some more time before making the final decision, or bite the bullet and size up because I really love this fabric.
  4. space_cowboy

    The Flat Head

    This is good advice. I do size for thighs, but perhaps I'm paying too much concern to rise. Finding the right thigh to waist ratio is what I need. Think I need to try on my next pair in person, whenever things go back to normal.
  5. space_cowboy

    The Flat Head

    Sadly after ~20 wears, the waist hasn't stretched out to where I need it to be for these to work long term. If anyone in the US is interested in grabbing them at a very reasonable price send me a DM. They're a size 31 and have been hemmed to 30" by Indigo Proof. These are truly some awesome jeans and I'm super bummed that they didn't work out. I'm having a hard time finding jeans that accompany a minimum 12.5" thigh at a 32" waist that doesn't have a 11"- + rise. I feel if I sized up 1 or 2 on this exact model the jeans would be practically touching my belly button.
  6. space_cowboy

    The Flat Head

    Thanks guys, looking forward to breaking these in. I've always heard stories that Flat Head front pockets are borderline unusable because how small they are and I confirm that these RJB's definitely have the smallest front pockets I've encountered on jeans. Luckily I'm not a big front pocket user.
  7. space_cowboy

    The Flat Head

    Ordered the Real Japan Blues x R&H RFR-004 from Rivet & Hide. I normally go for some stacking, but decided to hem them so they don't break. Worried I may have gone a bit too high.
  8. space_cowboy


    You're right @kicks79, had no idea they stocked orSlow. Thanks!
  9. space_cowboy


    I'm interested in getting a pair of Orslow's. I lean towards more slim cuts as I'm pretty thin, but the lack of button fly on the 107 is kind of a deal breaker for me. Wish I could try on the 105's somewhere in person...
  10. space_cowboy

    Pure Blue Japan

    Thanks Reudi! Quite the compliment coming from you
  11. space_cowboy

    Pure Blue Japan

    Thanks for the kind word everyone! @SmokeStackLightning I don't believe that they do.
  12. space_cowboy

    Pure Blue Japan

    PBJ XX-011 - 3.5 Years. ~2 Year actual wear. ~15-20 Washes My favorites.
  13. space_cowboy


    TCB Slim 50's Update. Maybe 7-8 months wear? 5 washes I think.
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