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  1. JohnM

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    ^ How old is Puma now? JK -- good to see that big boy with a smiling b_F.
  2. ^ Like others, I really like the people at TCB. Ryo, in particular, is a fantastic guy, who will go to great lengths to be sure you're happy and satisfied with their products and service. I also really like the 40s jeans and jacket. The jacket runs small but the fit and proportions are spot on. A simple TCB product that I use everyday is the newspaper bag -- beautifully made, the right size, and easy to carry. So good, I bought two. To top it off, TCB pricing is lower than many of its competitors.
  3. I've owned a bunch of Roy jeans over the years and got to know him a little (we had coffee together in Oakland years ago). I can't remember exactly what prompted this, but Roy laid some truth on me, letting me know that my incessant questions and (or) price inquiries were annoying as hell. He said something like, 'John, you may think retailers like you because they're nice to your face, but they don't. No one is making a lot of money in this business -- show some respect.' It wasn't fun hearing this and Roy is direct like a laser. I was tempted to be defensive and react in anger, but I've learned that this gets me nowhere and I learn nothing. So I engaged him further and we sort of got past it. He admitted that he has his faults and is not an easy guy to get along with. My relationship with Roy, such as it is, is somewhere between difficult and non-existent. But I do respect the guy -- honest, direct, creative, and not without insight.
  4. Not feeling much hate, but certainly some regret, including buying too much too fast, especially slim fit jeans. Regarding CSF, I actually like the jeans but buying them never felt quite right (e.g., high prices, full payment up front, and long wait times). As nice as the jeans are (not to mention the boxes and packaging), I always asked myself, 'Is this guy for real?'
  5. JohnM

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    ^ Boots look great — beautiful, rich color and simple, classic style.
  6. JohnM

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    One Mulholland owner mentioned to me that he only uses the interior pocket.
  7. ^ Thank God for all of you -- my only friends.
  8. Whoops, sorry -- tried to copy/paste but f'd it up ...
  9. ^ That's funny smoothsailor, I can relate -- "I still like those items, but putting them on, I don’t recognize myself." To answer Duke's question regarding why some things get less wear: Edward Green Dovers (dark oak): Beautiful, comfortable, well made shoes, but dressy and verging on flashy. Not a great look with jeans, which I wear most of the time. Engineer boots: Great fun, but I'm slow in them (my 100m times are down), I prefer them with high socks (which are sometimes warmer than ideal), and they're kinda badass (and I'm not), which raises the question -- why do I want a Freewheelers Mulholland? Brimmed hats: Being bald, I get cold head, so I'm in a cap most of the time (baseball or knit). Fedoras look and feel great, but few people wear them, so they get attention and comments, which are fine but not always. Filson Tin Cloth (Cruiser, Packer, etc.): A tough as nails material that looks great. Comfortable and warm? Not really.
  10. You ask a good question b_F and MJF9 has pretty much summed up my feeling. On-line forums and shopping have made it easy to go down rabbit holes, finding high quality stuff that I had no idea I wanted, let alone 'needed'. I've bought a few things I like but don't wear much, including Edward Green Dovers (in dark oak), engineer boots, fedoras, a Filson Tin Cruiser. Do I regret buying them? Not really -- I still like them (my wife asks if I should open a museum). Do I need to swallow the spider to catch the fly by adding a few things that will make them work better -- probably.
  11. JohnM

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    ^ Is that a denim baby carrier? If so, natural indigo and once or twice washed?
  12. JohnM

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    ^ Great pic -- everything looks great. The sunny Palo Alto weather suits you ;-)
  13. Like you Broark, I've tried many brands by now. If I've learned anything, it's that each has strengths and weaknesses. For example, I started with Iron Heart and Fullcount. After discovering other brands, I lost the love for Iron Heart. But even now I have to admit that their shirts fit well and their jeans are tough and long lasting -- I'd want to be wearing their UHR denim if I had to fall off a motorcycle and skid on asphalt. And while other jeans may fit me a hair better than some Fullcount models, their denim is still the softest and most comfortable. When it comes to softness, there's nothing like a Flathead flannel -- but the chests are too trim. Freewheelers makes great shirts and flannels with nice materials, details, and fit and little to fault, except that (on some) the wrists button up too tight. Warehouse makes nice jeans (especially the later DSB, DD, and limited models) but their shirts and flannels run small -- even an XL is small for me and I'm not that big. Same for their tees -- nice material, but short. For a soft tee, I love the McCoys stuff. In sum, it's kind of a mixed bag. Love all these makers but fit is king and some of it isn't made for western BBC bodies (e.g., big butt & chest).
  14. JohnM


    ^ Nice find b_F. Looking forward to fit pics. Oh wait, you asked me for them on the 30th XX ;-) Interesting denim texture and color on the 612. Wasn't sure they were raw -- pretty hairy and not dark.
  15. JohnM


    I have a 34 in the 50s and 36 in the 40s. Kind of hard to compare since the cuts are different, with the 50s being more linear and trimmer through the hips. My ideal size would be a 35 in 50s (if they made it) and 36 in the 40s. I prefer the high rise and top block room of the 40s.
  16. You made my day Duke with the Utah Saints. Not sure how I missed that one!
  17. JohnM


    Nice work and a beautiful jacket. You are a man of many talents b_F ... and an enabler (!) / denim guide that led me to my first pair of Denime (30th XX) -- coming soon, as you know.
  18. JohnM


    Good to know b_F. Couldn't find the XX in 36, so will wait for a pair of Ware-ime.
  19. JohnM

    Superdenim community sale thread

    ^ How many bitcoin or NFTs do you need for all your LVC Maynard and Dr_ Heech? I could also throw in a pocket from some Roy Kinda Specials.
  20. JohnM


    b_F, if you decide to soak or wash these (as opposed to leaving them for your son!), I'd be interested in knowing how much they shrink.
  21. JohnM


    I may do just that. Will look through recent posts to get a sense of the various designs. You do large rhinestones surrounded by gold leaf, right? ;-)
  22. JohnM


    Beautiful Duke. Love the design — striking, interesting, eye-catching, yet symmetrical and not over the top or flashy. Though probably too advanced in years to commission a belt like this, I’m tempted.
  23. JohnM

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Great color combo b_F. As you know, I’m a little less resolute on Resolute than you, though I love the texture, color, and softness of the denim.
  24. JohnM

    Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    Thanks Darren -- love the jacket and soft collar, very warm. Runs kind of big, by the way.
  25. JohnM

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    Not lumpy at all. Great looking coat JDelage.
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