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  1. I really like how wide the spread is between the inside and outside of the back pocket stitching (not sure exactly what to call this area, is there a name for it?). Looking forward to seeing how the denim wears in and living vicariously through y'all.
  2. Not sure about Thailand, but Singapore is the same way. If you buy a S$50k car you pay another S$50k to get it registered. Same rule applies to all of the super cars that are seemingly everywhere. Given their limited space and high population density it's a way to ensure that not every single person can own a car. It's not at all necessary, we never owned a car when we lived there and never missed having one. Purely a luxury given the great public transportation system. But boy do they love to flaunt them, I remember when we first moved there I saw 21 Lambos parked outside of a hotel. Some sort of owners club or something.
  3. Seems as if there's no ceiling to price in the vintage market, Mushroom Vintage selling a deadstock S506xx for ¥30.8 million and deadstock '37 jeans for ¥19.8 million...insane. Japan GQ article here with a few more photos available in the gallery link: https://www.gqjapan.jp/article/20240126-isetan-mushroom-24-pop-up-news
  4. And that's why I keep coming back for more, their stuff is patterned so well! Now I just need to move to a much colder climate.
  5. In direct contradiction to the above post...file this one away under: totally unnecessary and completely over the top but I absolutely love it. Freewheelers Sasquatch down jacket. I've never owned a down jacket before, the combination of warmth and lightweight is awesome. The outer shell is made from their "Master Shield" fabric (same as my Urbanite jacket from last year), breathable and waterproof. The down fill power is 760, while the weight is 380g. 94% down, 6% feather fill. The down is from Bulgarian mallard ducks evidently. I was on a pub crawl over the weekend, temps were down in the low 20s. Standing outside totally unphased and warm while my coworkers were shivering. Did I need this? Absolutely not. Am I glad I purchased it? 100%. I'll be wearing this almost exclusively without the hood which is detachable (and the coyote fur trim is also detachable from the hood). But here's a fully done-up photo for good measure.
  6. Once they arrive he’ll provide measurements and shrink information so you’re all set. I’ve always worn 36 in FW jeans, they end up a little big in the waist but I prefer it these days. The cut is a blend of the 37 and 44-45 jeans. Little larger waist / seat with a mild taper. Go with Seiichiro’s suggestion, he won’t lead you astray.
  7. @Dr_Heech Yes I'll be getting the '42 tux, going with my usual w36 and size 46 on the jacket.
  8. It's all coming together now, it makes so much sense...
  9. Alright, now I'm convinced this brand is just some capital investment brain trust concept trying to market shit to wealthy tech-bros. Thanks, I hate it.
  10. Sorry, but what in the world is this marketing mumbo jumbo...
  11. I'm interested in some photos as well, I've worn a few pairs of FW over the last few years and I've never seen personally this happen.
  12. Some pre-wash photos. Nice color on the denim, undecided if I'll start wearing soon or hold off for a couple of months. Buttons on this pair feel a bit nicer than the standard buttons.
  13. Fortunately preordering from Barnstormer didn't require any queuing or navigating a swarm of fanboys fighting for a pair. Just a 6 month wait. To be fair if I had FW in my backyard I probably wouldn't bother either! I got my pair yesterday, will try to snap some photos today. Likely keeping them on ice for a bit while I continue to wear my 661xx.
  14. Why are they always carrying fucking bags around everywhere?! This always baffles me. What are they lugging around, their laundry from the week? Or maybe they couldn't afford a hotel but had to make an appearance for the e x p o s u r e. 🤢 Great comparison btw. As we continue to circle the drain and get monetized by social media, everything will continue becoming more and more similar, less and less unique.
  15. @irual thanks for sharing, they look good! How did you size? And are they very difficult to get on and off?
  16. Told my wife this the other day and she was shocked. I'm planning on keeping it in check again this year, only purchases being these OAs and the FW 42s in the spring.
  17. And back when all of their boots weren't $900+$45 shipping, the good ole' days.
  18. I have the roughout cxl boondockers that they used to make on that last. One of my favorite boot lasts, very comfortable. They’re long overdue for a resole, should probably find someone for that.
  19. I also received notification that my pair arrived from Barnstormer, will post photos once they arrive. Surprisingly this is the first new pair of jeans in exactly a year for me believe it or not.
  20. Nothing in my size but good luck!
  21. I'm passing, but looking forward to seeing these once they arrive!
  22. @Sympathy-For-The-Denim I don't think they're quite ready for sale yet, but keep an eye on these Instagram accounts for more updates soon. https://www.instagram.com/live_structure_and_co_/ https://www.instagram.com/517_laboratory/
  23. The Gleem look nice, but again only go up to size 10.
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