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  1. Thanks for chiming in Kiya.  But that shoulder still seems awfully small considering the rest of the shirt.  

    yeah, ill probably try one on since i've found that smaller shoulder measurement can sometimes be OK for me, depending other factors; that said, i like a 19+ shoulder and 40 chest (TFH accomodates this well)...the roy xxl is 19.4 shoulder (maybe <19 after a wash) and a 50 (!) chest..roy is kind of a beanpole himself but i don't want to speculate on how he comes up with designs since i know absolutely nothing..guess this will need to be tried on to see what it's really like

  2. Flat Head and Eternal aren't exactly the same but they are very similar because IIRC they're made by the same mill... similar texture, contrast, vertical fading, but the faded color of Eternal is a bit more steely-looking, whereas Flat Head has more of a bright blue fade.  Eternal's also dipped a few more times than Flat Head which makes Eternal a slower fader in most cases.


    any idea where ed was coming from in the blunders thread re eternal denim (i.e. "That eternal jeans are just ordinary jeans Fabric is basic")?

  3. Can you give 4-5 photos or explanations to show what you mean by various brands having their clothing quality degraded? I haven't been around long enough to really tell the difference between 'back then' and nowadays.

    i don't know if this is true generally, but i liked the old BR loopwheel sweatshirts and was sad when they started producing the same style sweatshirt in a cheap-feeling non-loopwheel material

  4. did you (or anyone else) get your jeans hemmed by PSA? i've had a couple pairs hemmed there and they are perfectly done, except i don't seem to be getting the kind of roping i get from pairs hemmed at SESF..

  5. Been to SE PDX the other day - looks like I will be back next WE in order to get a pair of SG5105.

    Not sure about sizing & shrinkage.

    Managed to fit into a raw W32. Based on what I read and what the friendly staff told me it is possible to get them to stretch back to original waist measurement...

    Any opinions?

    i always size up +1 from the SE recommendation

  6. i only have much experience with the 634s and 3009 and now that you mention it the waist did stretch a good amount on the 3009, but the other other areas in the top block didn't seem to stretch nearly as much for me as on the 634s (maybe that gave an overall impression of the 634s being stretchier in the waist)..also worth taking shrinkage into account when considering sizing...if i could do it over again i probably would've size up 2 from my 634s size (maybe b/c my issue is top block and not limited to waist)

  7. have you stretched the waist on the IH? IH waist is generally more generous and the denim stretches more than FH denim (though i've never tried the 2111 denim)..i would guess a 30 would be too tight..you can leave the waist out of the soak and then keep your fingers crossed when you wash down the line, but probably better to get a 32 or a 31

  8. @Super Jackie
    i like that the discussions here seem, a lot of the times, less influenced by biases and prejudices than in other forums. maybe that's a result of the focus on denim and the fortune of having several good-natured posters. 
    three problems that i think this forum has i would describe as (for lack of better terms) occasional displays of: cultural fetishism; dehumanization of people from another race, culture, gender, etc.; and the negative aspects of "bro" culture. 
    in my opinion, Cold Summer's post seemed, in a way, to hit on all three (i assumed good intentions, which is why i said "kind of uncomfortable" and attempted humor with asterisks). 
    Yours and bradl's exchange that followed my post seems to hit all three as well.
    If you want further explanation, please message me and address me directly this time.

    Flat Head tee and sneakers, 2111 jeans.

    Brazilian Girlfriend.

    2009 Mini Cooper.



    i read this list and now feel kind of uncomfortable *closes superfuture tab*



    Post a fit pic, then comment!



    Iron, his intentions were good I guess it was just weird context : )



    I don't even get what he's peeved about?



    That he doesn't have one

  9. This is a great cut, roomy with a not-too-high waist. Very comfy without looking baggy. I'm strongly considering getting the S510OG 16oz AK in 33 form BiG while they still exist... but oh so spendy... but that OG 16oz AK denim haunts my dreams, LOL! 


    i've been eyeing this cut for several years now and been wanting to try something samurai, this review may have sold me!


    mpukas   ther's a pair the 510 og ak on yahoo auction japan. size 33 ,been there for weeks, with a proxy you save over $200 bucks than getting them from BIG


    it might be better for everyone's sanity if he got them from a place where they can be returned in case they don't work out..

  10. the denim indeed looks nice on the motgomery ward jeans as usual for WH.. i hope someone picks them up and posts more pics, any pagans or bloods in the house?

  11. i know montgomery ward was a historic company and all but i just cant shake my contemporary bias against it and think wtf is this???

  12. [email protected]

    Hey hello internet Julian Prince Dash here, 
    For those that know or don't know I am one of the best jeans repair people around and one of the top denim players in the game whether u know it or not. Always debateable but still factual. I helped set up some jeans stores hems and repairs, fixed machines for companies around the globe and trained and influenced many, 
    my factory is Holy Stitch!

    julian dash sounds a complete tool and im suspicious about whether his claims are legit (they should be easy for him to verify)


    he claims to set up machines for shops and named his "factory" (i imagine this is really just a studio not a factory) "holy stitch!" (that sounds kind of like "darn it!");


    did he set up hems and repairs at self edge?  if not, what jean shops' hems and repairs did he set up?  what were the companies "around the globe" that he repaired machines for? what's the training/influence?

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