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  1. ironheartfan123 could you at least enlighten me on why you gave a negative rep, because to me it means that the post has offended or contains offensive content...and I don't think it has that.  No problem for me actually but it will help me learn how to give more accurate reps for others too.  Thanks

    you dumped a long quote, apparently responsive to my previous post, without really specifying how it/which part related to the discussion; instead of asking a clear and concise question, you shifted the work to me/others to read through that dump (and your other posts) and to try to figure what you are getting at

  2. @mf051404: nothing jumps out at me from this post as relevant; if your jeans were already rinsed there's probably no need to soak them; if it makes a difference to you, soak them, there's really no harm

  3. i once saw an aspie at SE who was literally yelling at his (hopefully ex-) gf and the staff that there would be a mark left after removing the arcs from a pair of SG and that gf and the staff were "idiots" for saying otherwise

  4. Is it true that the RS04 has the same denim as the recent KS1002 Kinda Special?  I ask because those faded RS04's are so blue while the KS1002 has a more muted look.  Is this just related to wear and washing over time?




  5. @somar maybe i'm just overly-cautious since the pair of 800 i had several years ago shrunk too much in the waist after several washes, but you may want to consider cold-soaking those for the start (looks possibly tight in the waist)!

  6.  Now the only question is how to hide this purchase from my wife.

    get a PO box, have them shipped there; soak and dry when she's not around and place them in your closet; wait a while and then when you wear them the first time and she asks if they are new, say "these?  oh no, they've been in my closet a while"; if she interrogates you further (when was the purchase made?  what was the cost? why do you need more raw denim when you already have 5 unsoaked and several lightly worn pairs?) it's might be time to decide between your wife and denim; hopefully you make the right choice!

  7. nice comparison.  the busy-looking weft is a dead giveaway for me for the newer rjb denim.  my sefhrjb15s with the newer denim are broken in and feel light and airy compared to my new pair that uses the older rjb denim, so i guess it has a lot to do with wear...the old denim is growing on me and i think both are great

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