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  1. other than the portland shirt, roy fits haven't worked out for me so far; i would've liked to try on the jeans he did with light-weight denim, but was not too keen on the "cinch-ette"


    i also don't know what big bro means (is it a reference to denimbro?) and can't help but associate it with frat culture, which for me is a big negative

  2. in my experience things like this don't develop high contrast fades in part b/c of needing to wash them more regularly than denim; i would expect it to just have a nice worn-in sweatshirt look

  3. is the low tension suppose to be dangerous for the mills?  for the wearer? 


    do we know that the machines posted above were damaged due to dangerously-low-tension denim? 


    seems to me they said "dangerously low tension" as a marketing gimmick to make people feel more "dangerous" or "cool" by wearing the denim and now there's a bad attempt to make sense of it

  4. these are interesting points, especially considering the possibility that shirts that are not loopwheeled were advertised by retailers as loopwheeled and people such as yourself purchased them specifically because they were advertised as loopwheeled.

  5. recently purchased a new pair of hawaiis, sz 30, inseam chainstitched to ~31", green tab intact...i've tried on and love the denim, fit just isn't for me...if anyone interested let me know!

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