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  1. I met her when she was 10 so I've been here through all the formative years. Kind of a unique situation. My wife is 10 years older than me so there's the aspect of me being more like a friend too. My step daughter is the one who's all about it. She wants cool " fading jeans" I actually found the perfect pair. 3sixteen+ 77bsp! Just gotta get them!

    i have no experience dressing children (just my adult gf) and bought 3sixteen+ jeans (which tend to range from skin tight to super form fitting) for her in part b/c they're sexy and show off and compliment her curves


    it may be unique to my experience (and i know nothing about children's clothing) but it seems to me that these jeans were intended for adult women and might be inappropriate for children; i don't doubt that you're her "friend" or that she is "the one who's all about it," just that those things don't make it right and wanted to give another opinion ;)


    (i'm also unfamiliar with the theory that says "all of the formative years" are ages 10-13, but i'm very curious!)

  2. Jet.Shi - you and I are the same size in jeans. I wear a 31 in Sugar Cane 47s, TCB 50s, Warehouse 1001XX etc. I take a 30 in the Fullcount 1101 and that is a perfect fit. Don't go down to 29.

    how do your fc 1101 compare with your sc 47s?  my 47s fit me perfectly (sz 32) and i was thinking of going for the same size in 1101

  3. the sc 1947 is sugar cane's reproduction of a levi's 501 from circa 1947; hawaii and okinawa are the same cut as the sc 1947 cut (possibly slight tweaks, but pretty much identical cut) with more exotic 50/50 sugar cane/cotton denim and details.


    supposedly around 2009 levi's started reproducing 1947 501s that were slimmer than the original levi's 501s from circa 1947.  sugar cane thereafter made a slimmer version of the sc 1947 and named it the sc 2009.  the sc 2009 is slimmer than the sc 1947 throughout, most notably slimmer in the leg, and the denim is lighter in weight than the denim used on the sc 1947


    as always, measurement charts are available online at self edge, rakuten, and several websites 

  4. I'm entering the DWC in the Denim Tux category - I'm going to wear the 2111s along with a fresh 7002W denim shirt that's on the way from Self Edge.

    this is hardcore and awesome, look forward to watching this contest!

  5. By no means have I ever been a regular around here, and it's been a long time since I've posted anything. After doing some closet organizing this weekend, decided I wanted to post some of the jeans I've been wearing over the last 5 or so years. The photos suck; I don't have a good camera.






    501xx / 508 Rigid / 1947 501xx / ROYs (RS1? Whatever he was selling through his website back in the day)


    Both 501s I have and continue to wear in the field as a geologist... In fact I wore them both through my university undergrad, grad and summer work too.  I wash them often, spin cycle, usually too lazy to turn inside out... I couldn't even tell you how many times. The 47s were washed twice this week alone. I do home improvement and paint in them too. Comfy as all hell. Still give the 1947s casual wear, the standard XX not so much.


    The 508s are office jeans that have had light field days on occasion. They look more faded in person.


    The ROYs I still like to wear casually, especially cottaging.  I take them camping too. Never felt right working in them, I guess because they were the only ones of the group that didn't cost $30. 


    Clearly I'm not getting mad 3d combs. I love the natural look on all these pairs though. 

    what are mad 3d combs?  


    the roy's are starting to look nice, you should wear them more often!

  6. have you washed since the weight loss?  if not, i would do a hot wash and machine dry and then if the waist doesn't fit afterward i'd move them on (possibly to me depending on cut/size;)

  7. i don't remember who i first heard the analogy from (someone at SE or on here or both) but you can treat it like you would jeans: cold gentle wash with detergent when needed, line dry, will be snugger afterwards but will relax with a few wears, even though it's one wash it could shrink 1/4" in length even with a cold wash/line dry; you can probably get more shrinkage (at your own risk) with a hot wash/hot dry

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