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  1. i used to have to wear a suit, etc. every day to work; when the opportunity came to leave and work from home i took it in part because i can wear whatever i want, wake up whenever i want, etc; idk your working conditions, but taking a lot of pride in my work clothes when i was chained to a desk for so many hours each day would've made me feel even more depressed; also, unlike denim, suits don't really get better with age, which is significant if you're wearing them every day, and the reason i never got a very nice suit until after i wasn't working under those conditions; now i have one nice suit that i wear maybe once every other month; (i never would've thought of working in retail or denim mills)

  2. i don't have any first-hand experience with this model but i think there's been a general consensus over the years that PBJ/SDA women's jeans are too tight, don't stretch much, and don't fit 99% of ppl who try them, though i might be wrong on this :)

  3. i hope someone cops the MW jeans, i'd really like to see the LHT denim evo, the fit looks really good too..i'm just not into the details that much (bar tacks, crotch rivet, large back pockets, cinch..) 

  4. I must be totally clueless, I live in Atlanta and I've been to Ponce City Market and don't get what's so funny about this.  :huh:


    It's a great shopping area, they've got some cool stuff there. And I'm looking forward to Ponce Denim getting built out a bit more.

    and i thought you knew how to give a toss!

  5. hi, i'm thinking about to pull trigger on the type II jacket, but wondering the fabric, can anyone tell? thanks~

    what size are you getting? i have one that is like new that i don't wear that i would sell, i think it's a 38

  6. yes


    awesome, the denim looks super nice and soft; are you wearing them? any thoughts? would love to see how they fade, kind of wish i got a pair


    edit: just noticed they're my size, hit me up if they don't work out!  B)

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