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  1. Hi guys I just got to know this brand yesterday that it is a very close reproduction of 1966 Levis. I would like to learn more so hope you guys can answer these 4 questions of mine.


    1. What made you guys like vintage repro jeans more than the modern jeans (hairy/heavy weight/slub/deep indigo/ coloured weft etc) that we have today?

    2. Why choose resolute over other vintage repros such as full count that is made of zimbabwe cotton, arcuates and hidden rivets.

    3. Why is repro jeans is important? Some argued that modern jeans are much more durable and high quality than the mid-twenties century jeans

    4. Is Resolute actually better than Levis Reproduction considering the fact that LVC comes with red tab and arcuates?



    Thanks in advance and happy new year! =)

    my opinion:

    1. i find the cut of repro jeans more comfortable and like classic styles

    2. you like the cut and details of the resolutes more

    3. several older jeans that are reproduced were made so that you could live and work in them; modern jeans are more likely to impinge on normal movements and have a crotch blowout because you tried to lift your leg too high off the ground

    4. they're different and it's a matter of taste (i prefer certain japanese brands over LVC); i'd suggest looking at the entire jeans and trying them on

  2. Anyone own the 20th anniversary 1003sxx WWII? Denim looks pretty different from the standard 14.5oz Memphis fabric. Was looking at those to hold me over between my tcb 50s, which are starting to fall apart, and the tcb 20s contest in September.

    i have them and while i haven't compared them side-by-side to the current 14.5oz denim, the denim seems to me darker, coarser, and slubbier than the denim used on my pair of lot 800 from several years ago (that no longer fit), but who knows maybe it's the same (hopefully someone can compare side-by-side)

  3. I've been scouring this thread for the fit advice on TSG sweats. I'm eyeing an oatmeal one from the Tenryo shop. How did you guys size them?


    I'm eyeing the medium at the moment but the shrinkage makes me consider the large; I like my tops on the shorter side but I don't need it to be a crop top. I'm 5'10", weigh ~150-lbs with a slim/average build.

    i'm roughly the same weight/height and have a medium; depending on what kind of jeans you're wearing, it might be a crop top, but these kind of sweats are always short and the large will likely not be *that* much longer and just too big overall..

  4. are you selling the 1001xx? i came here to post a question b/c i am in love with my big and wide 1003sxx (20th anniversary)! does anyone know which of the standard cuts this 1003sxx is similar to? i'm about half-way through them and want to get another WH pair with the same cut, and also a WH pair with the same upper block and slimmer thighs and leg opening if anyone has any suggestions!

  5. My IDT1A mate of mine went a bit crazy with that brand and I think he owns every available fabric of their jeans.

    what does your friend like about the brand? is he into other japanese denim?

  6. @tigerstrom i have a 35 in the current ooe contest pair and a 32 in the raw 47s which i machine wash and line dry..for me the waist is tight after a wash but stretches out in a few days...how do the 33s fit? 

  7. i had bad experiences going into boutiques (uncomfortable/fake sales people and atmosphere, overpriced low-quality products, etc) until i discovered SESF, the first clothing store i felt comfortable in; hard to believe it was only two years old when I first purchased a pair of 634s there, because it already felt like a (cool) institution, bravo!

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